Surely you know some.

They are people who focus on the bad and negative that surrounds them, angry with the world, who see everything that happens badly and focus only on the dark and negative. The bitter go around the world seeing and reflecting negativity and bad vibes.

Being close to these people makes you sick, distressed and stressed, since discomfort is contagious and bad humor sticks.

It is necessary to recognize them.

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A person who constantly looks for trouble to prove to himself that he has a difficult and unfair life or that the people around him are evil and have bad intentions, lives essentially isolated from goodness and joy. He has become the victim of his own thoughts and the slave of his discomfort. “I’m useless”, “everything happens to me”, “it’s impossible to have more bad luck than me”, are some of the negative thoughts that we can have from time to time. Of course, bad days exist, but simply letting ourselves be won over by them, without trying to look on the positive side of things, leads to a growing spiral of sadness and discouragement, which harms us more and more.

Usually these negative people do not recognize their condition. They insist on saying that the world is full of inept, corrupt, abusive and evil people. They do not accept that their perception and their focus of attention alienate and poison them, since by looking in a positive way, the person values ​​others and is able to recognize their own value.

They are characterized by having harmful thoughts and rude words. His actions are full of reproaches, gossip and criticism. When one is around these people, there is little one can do or say before being affected or hurt, as they will always find something wrong.

How to recognize

them Getting bitter and doing nothing is easier than facing negativity and solving our problems. The big drawback is that it is much more harmful to us.

Various studies have shown that chronic feelings of sadness can negatively affect our health, happiness and well-being. We must learn to detect them in ourselves and in others to later eliminate them.

These are the most typical behaviors of bitter people.

1- They permanently emit self-destructive messages. Self talks are useful for putting feelings and ideas in our heads, but if they only focus on destroying morale with self-messages that reaffirm that “we do everything wrong” or “we are good for nothing”, they are deeply negative. and lead to a dangerous situation of blocking all activity: “I do nothing to avoid failure”.

2- Bitter people think and convince themselves that they will do everything wrong. In this way, when faced with any fact, they predict that everything will turn out badly… and if they decide to do it, it will indeed turn out that way. We cannot avoid problems, but we can decide how to face them and this choice can make us stronger or weaker, happier or sadder, sure of yourself or a victim of the situation. 3- Negative comparisons with others never lead to anything good. The embittered, moreover, usually compares himself to people with people who have more successes, seem more attractive or earn more money. In this way, they always lose and reinforce their way of thinking. By wishing to have what another has, we feel inferior and we can even envy. These comparisons can lead to stress, anxiety,

4- The bitter person thinks a lot about the past. “What if…” is one of his favorite thoughts, which usually only leads to negative thoughts and pointless ruminations. The “could be and was not” leads to mental self-flagellation about something that is not even known if it really would have turned out well. 5- “Others are to blame”, the bitter person always says. It is a way of always staying in the same attitude as him, without any possibility of change and always wallowing in the same thoughts.

6- This point is related to the previous one: the bitter person is always a victim of others and of circumstances. This perpetuates bitterness and lack of decision on any subject. 7- Guilt is a frequent companion of the bitter. We all make mistakes, but permanently looking to the past and staying immobile on them is something deeply negative and does not lead to anything good. The important thing is to learn from mistakes so as not to fall into them again, but the bitter person does not do it because he prefers to remain immobilized in his circle of permanent despair.

8- He who does nothing, is not wrong. The embittered person is immobilized in his situation, because he fears that his ideas of failure and uselessness will materialize in reality when trying to do something.

To do

Inside, bitter people suffer, live in desolation and there is nothing to make them happy. They feel sad and abandoned and it is very difficult for them to approach those who love them and could help them. But these people have a way out: it is simply necessary to see them with kindness.

We can see these people in a positive way, understanding that behind so much evil there is a heart that feels lonely, sad and hurt. The kindness that is felt, shared and given is the best antidote to help a bitter person to change the flavor of his life.

There are times when bitterness and evil inevitably impregnate the person, in such a way that love and kindness are not enough, because they cannot penetrate the hard shell of negativism of these people. If you analyzed your attitudes and have concluded that you are a bitter person, rectify the course of your thoughts and your life. Be thankful for everything you have and look for the bright side in your life. Recognize things as they are, but do not let them immobilize you, make the necessary changes. If you can’t do it all at once, practice gradually moving it in the right direction. If you know a bitter person, have empathy with her, you can get her to review her negative attitude.

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