Skirts are one of the garments that cannot be missing in any woman’s wardrobe, they can be of different lengths, colors and designs. You can choose the ones that best suit your style. The skirt is one of the most versatile and sexy garments in the fashion universe.

But many times we do not make the best decisions to combine them, especially with footwear. Both for special occasions, as for a casual outing or to show off at work.

Although it may seem unimportant, combining the shoes with the outfits is essential to hit the style 100% and achieve a spectacular result.

So if you are thinking of buying a skirt or you have some stored in your wardrobe and you don’t know how to combine them with shoes. Pay attention to this article.

Here at we give you some basic guidelines that you need to follow to achieve a well-defined look and your style.

1- Mini skirts.

Miniskirts are garments that show a lot of legs, so it gives an optical illusion of greater length. But they have a thousand ways to combine them depending on the occasion or style you want to wear.

Fashion specialists recommend miniskirts paired with a pair of high-heeled boots for a dressy look or lace-ups for a more casual yet rugged look.

Knee-high boots can be a good option to combine the mini skirt in the cooler seasons. You can also try to be a little more casual with closed shoes.

2- Wrap or cross skirt.

This type of skirt can be said to be the all-rounder of fashion, which makes it the perfect garment to wear to the office, to a meeting with friends, or to a romantic dinner.

And best of all, when it comes to matching it with shoes, this skirt gives you the freedom to experiment and create your own style.

They can be combined with flat sandals for a casual outing, if you have an important event do not hesitate to combine it with heels you will look great.

3- Pencil skirt.

This skirt today is used not only in the office, but also for any other important events, it is only necessary to take into account the material from which it is made. This skirt is synonymous with elegance.

You can combine them with high sandals with straps, taking care that the length reaches the knees or longer.

Fashion specialists also recommend low and comfortable heels, as well as medium heels. It is one of the most versatile garments to combine.

4- Midi skirts.

They are called that because they are neither very short nor very long, they are of medium length. It is a perfect basic to have among your outfits as a casual or summer style.

Due to its length and style you can combine it with multiple kinds of shoes. If you go to the beach with flat sandals. If you go shopping or an outing with friends with tennis. If it is a more formal occasion with open toe shoes with medium or high heels.

5- Long skirts or maxi skirts.

Fashion specialists say that this garment is perfect to highlight the waist, a good option is to combine it with matching color belts.

Platform sandals are perfect in summer. High heeled ankle boots are ideal for the cooler seasons. For nights, high heels or platform heels will look perfect.

6- A-line skirts.

If you are going to wear A-line skirts, you should keep in mind that this garment can make your legs look shorter and your hips look wider.

Medium and high heels are a great option to create a slimmer silhouette. The heel you choose should be according to how much you are going to walk and with the weather.

A-style skirts can also look great with comfortable tennis shoes, if that’s your style don’t hesitate to wear them.

7- Tulip skirt.

This type of skirts is one with which you can look attractive and intriguing. It receives the name of tulip skirt for the shape that highlights the hips and feminine curves.

Combining it with the right shoes greatly improves your appearance. If it is a good climate with a little heat you can wear open-toed shoes. If it’s a bit cool with closed shoes that cover the ankles.

If you go to the beach to walk, gladiator sandals are perfect. If what you want is to show your rebellious side, combine your tulip skirt with a pair of comfortable tennis shoes.

8- Flared or pleated skirt.

Flared skirts are a very elegant style, the stylists give specific information about this type of skirts, they should always be combined with high heels. You can take into account the type of shoes according to your taste and the occasion.

High sandals are a good idea for very hot days. Elegant stilettos for a job interview. For rainy autumn days, high-heeled boots are an excellent option.

You just have to take into account the color and type of fabric of the skirt.

If you have your own fashion ideas do not hesitate to share them with us!!

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