Conquering a man is not always easy, but if he is mature and you are younger, it can be even more complicated. Women are used to men maturing later than us, so when the roles are reversed, we are in unknown territory and the task of conquering it becomes more difficult. Love does not know chronological times, so it is common for you to see couples in love on the street where the two are the same age and others where a noticeable difference is seen.

It is necessary that you take into account several aspects to be able to conquer that man, mature and intelligent, who attracts you so much.

To consider

Older men are attracted by their experience and intelligence. For some of them, the years suit them and they happen to be more interesting than in their youthful years. As for their appearance, they do not lose their attractiveness because they are older.

If you are really attracted to an older man and you don’t know how to deal with the situation, there are some things you should keep in mind. There are always basic tricks to conquer a man. However, when it comes to a mature and intelligent person, things change. The pretty and very attractive girl, but without conversation, is not the most appropriate strategy. They look for women with clear ideas, but at the same time, sophisticated and elegant.

If you are completely sure that a mature man is the love of your life and you want to have a formal relationship with him, here are some tips that will surely help you.

1. Take care of your image, but without becoming obsessed. It is better that the clothes are elegant, that they insinuate and not that they teach so much. Your hair and your makeup must be well cared for, without falling into exaggeration. Natural makeup is imposed in these cases.

2. Beauty is important, but not fundamental. It makes a good first impression, but the intelligence to carry on a conversation is essential if you want to hold the attention of an intelligent man. Show that you are too, that you have culture, that you like to read and that it is easier for you to fall in love with an intelligent man than with any other. Make him see subtly that intelligence is the most exciting. 3. Talk, but don’t talk more than necessary. What matters is listening and discussing different topics. Watch your tone of voice, try not to argue or be aggressive with the expressions you use. Contribute your ideas and defend them if you think you are right, a mature man is attracted to women with clear ideas.

4. To seduce an intelligent man, you must be educated and know how to behave in all situations. So he will introduce you to his closest circles of friends or with his work colleagues. Always smile and use a sweet voice.

5. Mature men no longer enjoy partying and going from disco to disco so much, so the places of entertainment must change.

6. Never lose your youthful side. It is true that you should take care of yourself, show your intellect and leave clubs aside, but never leave aside your fun aspect, derived from your age in its fair measure, to get him out of his routine and wrap him in your style. If you want to try new things, do it together. The contrast would make him feel young again and the two of you could complement each other. 7. Give in and negotiate are two fundamental words when a couple is made up of people with a marked age difference. You must adapt to certain outings that perhaps you had not even considered before, but he must also accompany you in your activities.

8. A mature and intelligent man surely has a long journey, with interesting anecdotes. Listening to them is always a great element of seduction.

9. At some point the issue of age may come up as a barrier. Avoid making him feel his years, because you will only make him feel older than he is. If you meet up with your friends and they are a bit immature, tell them what they are like before you introduce them so that they don’t feel like the “grandfather” of the group.

10. It seems obvious, but a mature man is looking for a mature relationship. For example, they will not stand that you call him every five minutes or the dramatic scenes for nonsense. If you date someone older than you, don’t act like a teenager, show him that you are mature and focused. 11. Needless to say, if you get closer for interest or simply for your money, we enter a very slippery terrain. When you have a date with him, do not ask him how much he earns or what properties he has, because clearly you will be telling him that you only care about his money, he will realize what is happening and walk away from you. Of course, evaluate if this is the kind of relationship you want for yourself. 12. Out of respect for yourself and the person in front of you, clarify what you want with that relationship, since your vital times are not his. As in any relationship, it is not good to waste time and much less in these cases. If you just want to hang out and live a new experience, but you are not aiming for anything more serious, it is good that you clarify it from the beginning, it is never good to create false expectations.

13. The topic of your family can be a real stumbling block. Several situations can arise: children who are older than you, distrust, mistrust, that they do not accept you and take it as a lack of respect towards their mother who is no longer here, etc. Each situation is different, so a good dose of patience, accompanied by a lot of intelligence, common sense and empathy will be necessary to face the situation. The attitude you adopt will also be fundamental to definitively conquer your partner. The most important thing in these cases is that you be yourself and listen to what your heart and mind dictate. Do not listen to what they will say, but what you feel inside.

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