Today, thanks to new technologies, it is very easy to be connected and communicate with other people, which means that many relationships begin or are maintained through messaging applications. The king of these applications is undoubtedly WhatsApp.

This application is a tool that can be very useful to make the woman of your dreams fall in love with you. When you like a girl, text messages become essential to meet her and talk to her when you are not together. Text messages, well used, are the most powerful tool to conquer a woman and for you to be successful with this application, I will explain to you 7 essential tips so that you know how to conquer and make a woman fall in love with WhatsApp messages .

Table of Contents

  • 1 Use a clear Strategy in the messages you send
  • 2 Make her smile
  • 3 Flirt
  • 4 Don’t be desperate
  • 5 have confidence
  • 6 short messages
  • 7 Not Always Available

Use a clear Strategy in the messages you send

Winning a woman’s heart is a matter of strategy so we must have a plan to take the conversation where you want it to go. First, it is not about saying everything that comes to mind, think for a few seconds before sending the message, no explicit sex messages in the first conversations. This does not mean that the conversation should not have any sensuality but you have to try to make it seem more fun and attractive to her.

Also remember that the best strategy is to have these conversations at night. If she is receptive to having those conversations at night without her having other distractions than talking to you, you will have a great advantage in attracting her.

make her smile

One of the most important aspects of flirting with WhatsApp and text messages is to keep the conversation fun and the best way to do it is with humor. Whether sarcastically, humor is a big plus. Most girls appreciate a guy with a sense of humor, so making her laugh is a guarantee to impress her and win over a woman with WhatsApp messages.


The reason to flirt with a girl on WhatsApp is that it keeps the conversation light and at the same time makes the girl think of you and not just see you as a friend. You should not take the flirting to a very high sensual level, until the moment that she is not your girlfriend. The subtle flirting approach will have a huge impact on your psychology. This will make her feel special and, at the same time, it will also show that you are really interested in her.

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Don’t be desperate

The worst thing you can do if you want to impress a girl is show that you are desperate. This is the only thing that will get her away from you quickly. To make a good hookup, you have to strike a balance between showing interest and acting shy. When she answers your text after 30 minutes, you shouldn’t reply to her right away. Don’t let her look like you’re desperate, she waits at least 15-20 minutes before answering you.

have confidence

Confidence is the key to impressing a girl on Whatsapp chat or in person. Being funny and mysterious will help her think of you more often. She will start to enjoy chatting and texting with you because you know how to make her happy. Just beware of the fine line between security and pride.

Many times, the sentiments expressed through text messages and in chats lend themselves to misinterpretation. You shouldn’t talk about yourself all the time, but you should express your words confidently. Let your personality shine through whatsapp messages.

The most important rule of text flirting is to stay true to yourself. Do not always accept her opinions, you must have your opinion and stand firm on it. To impress a girl you like, while chatting or texting, it is very important that you appear sincere. This is a fundamental point to be able to conquer a woman with WhatsApp messages

Short messages

If it’s been a week where the two of you are constantly chatting with each other, it’s important that you always start with a little text like “hello” or “hello, how are you?” with a smiling face. The reason for the effectiveness of short messages is because experts believe that it maintains a kind of mysterious personality that attracts the other person.

Suppose if she asks you “how was your day?”, you don’t have to explain everything you did. Instead, you can say ‘It was fun’. Dating gurus explain that writing long texts can actually make the other person bored.

Also while chatting on WhatsApp, it’s nice when you start with their name like ‘Hey, (your name)’. This makes your text unconsciously more effective on her.

You must actively shift from being mysterious to being flirtatious and fun. This is a great way to impress a girl and win over a woman through text and whatsapp chats .

Not always available

If you really want to impress the girl you like in chats or texts, one very important thing is that sometimes you are not available for her. This is because you need to make her realize how much she misses you when you are not available to her.

It is recommended that in a month there is always a contact ban of 3-4 days. In this period of time, she will miss you and your whatsapp conversation which will make her realize the love she has for you.

I hope that these tips to conquer a woman with WhatsApp messages are useful to you and I wish you good luck in this beautiful task of Conquering the woman of your dreams.

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