Fortunately, people are not all the same. Can you imagine a world in which we all were? It would be very, very boring! Our friends are not either: some are funny, others not so much; some are sporty and others studious. There are those who are always in the latest fashion and those who do not care at all. However, you love them all, because you know they will be there when you need them, they will put their shoulder on you to cry on and support you in everything.

But today we will not talk about them: we will dedicate ourselves to false friends and how to differentiate them from the real ones.

The differences

In your group of friends there is a great variety, but you must be careful of only one class: false friends.

They are capable of harming you and “sticking the knife in your back”, always looking for their own convenience. 1 A true friend will be happy about your achievements and will be the first to propose ideas to celebrate them. On the other hand, a fake friend is jealous of your victories and in one way or another, she shows it to you.

2 If a friend is authentic, she knows the importance of your time alone, she will respect it and understand when you want without company. On the other hand, the fake one does not understand this, she tries to occupy all your time, to the extreme of totally invading your privacy.

3 Authentic is the friend who is nice and showers you with praise when you deserve it. If you did something wrong, he will tell you, but he will find a way to do it in a way that is not shocking, aggressive or hurtful to you. Instead, your fake friend will be the opposite: she will attack you and seek to hurt you, not caring how you feel. She doesn’t tell you things because she wants you to improve, her only interest is to make you feel bad and she will look for any excuse to criticize you. The worse you feel, the more she will enjoy.

4 If a friend is authentic, she respects you and values ​​your efforts, even when things don’t go so well for you. She doesn’t get mad if it hurt her in some way, because she understands that you did your best to achieve it. On the other hand, a false friend gets angry very easily, especially when she does not comply with what she has asked of you or if she has been harmed in some way.

5 Talks are a good way to tell a real friend from a fake. The first one loves exchanging opinions and although they may have different opinions, respect prevails. The second is an expert in finding a way to argue bitterly and basically always wants to be right, seeking to win any conversation and impose her point of view. 6 Confidence is another very important parameter to differentiate authentic friends from false friends. If a friend is authentic, she will put all her trust in you; On the other hand, the false one will always doubt what you say.

7 Real friends talk to you or text you at any time, sometimes for no reason, just to see how you are doing. On her side, if a fake friend contacts you, she does it for one reason only: she needs something from you.

8 A true friend values ​​you and accepts you as you are. If a friend looks for a way to change or control you, so that you are according to her interest or convenience, it is false.

9 The friendships that you have, besides her, do not bother your authentic friend, nor will she judge you for it. Your fake friend will talk bad about your other friends and she will always look for something to criticize them for.

10 Secrets are a fundamental part of a friendship. A true friend will never reveal yours, under any circumstances. Instead, she would keep the false friends, but she would be able to say them for her own convenience. They are not something sacred to her, but a weapon that she can use against you when it suits her. 11 If you feel bad, a true friend will be by your side to listen to you, no matter the time or place. A fake friend will never be there when you need her and there will always be something more important than you that justifies her absence. 12 False friends are experts at having a “double face”. If any of your relatives is hypocritical and pretends to people who do not like her, she should be a sign of attention for you. What guarantees do you have that she is not doing the same to you?

13 Your real friends remember everything you say to them and they will probably remind you when necessary. On the other hand, a false friend easily forgets everything you say to her and that is easily explained: she is not interested in you. 14 A good parameter to recognize a fake friend from a real one is how she behaves when there are other people. An authentic friend will integrate you into the conversation and will be the same as when you are alone. Instead, your fake friend will just ignore you.

15 A true friend accepts and enjoys the differences, she is happy with what you have and are. A false friend is always looking for a way to compete to show that she is the best.

Learn to differentiate fake friends from real ones. If you don’t, you will be damaged and you will always be losing energy in that toxic relationship. If you have a fake friend, run away or take your precautions: for her you are just a useful tool for her interests.

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