No one has said, nor is it written that only men can or should take the initiative in any intimate encounter.

Seduction has been associated with the male figure, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Women should also be interested in assuming dominance in the relationship. Intimacy could be greatly improved by resorting to these themes.

A man looks for experience in a woman and the desire to please him. The key to achieving this is self-confidence, feeling confident in every step you take and leaving shyness and fear behind.

To be dominant and sexually good in bed with a man, you need to change the way you think and behave in bed. Some small changes can go a long way and make your intimate life even more interesting and satisfying.

These are the steps to exploit eroticism and take control of your man in bed.

1- Seduce him.

One of the most effective ways to seduce men is the aroma, you can start by buying a good and seductive perfume. Apply it and approach him, he will not be able to resist it, in this way you will take control.

Women have thousands of elements to be a bombshell in intimacy, and men love this.

A set of small lingerie, an exciting color babydoll, good makeup and why not even high heels, are the best elements of seduction that you can use to seduce your partner.

It is said that men are not interested in details; It is not true. A hotel room, the back of the car, or even the bedroom itself adorned with petals and aromatic candles will make you take control of the situation since they will not be able to resist such seduction.

Much more if you accompany it with one of his favorite drinks, you will have your man eating from your hands.

Nothing drives a man wilder than insinuation through a strong and determined image without sacrificing sensuality.

2- Foreplay.

Being intimate with your partner should be something unique and magical most of the time. You should not give way to routine, this ends with passion.

That is why you should give way to games with your partner, you should not forget the inner child and do certain kinds of mischief together. Make your imagination fly, about what they want to do.

It’s about doing things out of the ordinary, and then being able to remember it when you’re alone in the room. Why not? It could lead to repeating that crazy and sexy scene for both of them.

You can also play with food, honey, whipped cream, chocolates, strawberries, they are very sensual and men love it. Since through them they can travel throughout your body and vice versa.

Another weapon of seduction and dominance are erotic messages, they can give a small preview of what you are planning, and will keep him thinking about it all day. Once you are in bed, talk to his ear, let him know about your fantasies, this will put him at the maximum power of excitement and he will be at your feet.

3- Take control.

The first thing you have to know is that shyness is not a good hostess when it comes to sex. So if what you want is dominance in bed with your partner, you must take control.

Subdue him, guide him firmly to do what you want, to touch, caress and kiss you wherever you want. Touch it as if it belongs to you and do not allow a NO for an answer.

You just have to be natural and do what really turns you on, and turns him on. Seeing you crazy with pleasure will excite him in a way you can’t imagine, and especially if you take the initiative and know what he likes, it will make your intimate encounter incredible for both of you.

Remember that everything you do should be because you want it that way, and not do it out of obligation to keep your partner happy. The relationship is two, and both must enjoy the moment.

Leave your mark, but don’t let them be hickeys, they are in very bad taste. But you can give him a little hair pull, a back scratch, a tender kiss after a passionate one, a squeeze against your body, he will make him writhe with pleasure in your arms and he will never forget you.

4- Enjoy.

Concentrate on the moment so that you also enjoy being the boss of your own bed, it will be a new experience for you and both of you will enjoy limitless pleasure.

Confidence in yourself when you are in bed will be very important to be dominant and enjoy it.

Make sure that these stagings are pleasant for both of you. It is essential to enjoy the sexual act, and the foreplay performed, both parties should feel pleasure.

Do not stop making him listen to what you feel, when he caresses you, he kisses you and other things, making him see that you are at the maximum of excitement will make him feel like a man.

Also, if you were dominant, the entire meeting will know that what you feel is your doing.

Beauty is a nice excuse in any human relationship, desire is undoubtedly what causes the charm of owning something. A determined woman is much more sensual and attractive than just a pretty face or body. The secret is to dominate him beyond the sheets, and make her not want to leave that bed.

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