Every man wants to know how to flirt with a friend. Actually, I don’t like the term fucked, because a woman you’re fucking with is not your friend ;).

However, I received this question from a reader and I know many of you want women to accept casual sex as normal.

That is somewhat illogical.

A woman you constantly frequent to have sex without having a relationship. Also called friends with benefits (fwb). Sometimes you will see girls on dating profiles who are not on or are looking for fb or fwb, which means fuckbuddy or friends with benefits. Many girls will say directly that they are not looking for this, which is sometimes not true. However, most women just want to sleep with men, and see if they end up in a relationship.

The goal of this article is to teach you how to get a sex partner, so you can have sex with a girl who is not your girlfriend.


1. Increase your sexual market value

Improve your appearance, social skills, economic environment and status. But especially your appearance. Women who want you only for sex sleep with you because of your appearance. And they continue to sleep with you because your masculine energy is present.

Do everything you can to look your best.

The most important thing you should do is lift weights and eat right. Any of you can have an amazing body. And women want to sleep with a guy with a good body. Yes, there are many women who sleep with guys who do not have an attractive body. However, most of these guys go on to have several points in other areas. As charisma / personality or social position.

Looking better = better options

You can increase the possibility of having a sex partner, if you focus on improving your physical appearance.

Make time for the gym. You want a sexy body in a girl and she wants the same with you.

The next thing you should do is have a unique style. It can be a designer shirt, cool jeans, and a decent pair of shoes. The key is to have something that highlights your body, but not too extravagant. Because you must still be masculine.

If you have any tattoos that can be seen with the sleeves rolled up or buttoned down, that will set you apart. It is not a requirement in any way. But you can go for the elegant, yet masculine bad boy style. Knowing how to find a sex partner boils down to being a guy that women just want to fuck with. You are going to be a handsome/masculine guy. Use your style and body so that you look good, and they take the bait.


2. You must be present in the game

Increasing your sexual market value and being more attractive will help attract girls to you. Especially the kind of women you want to have as a friend. But you still have to be present from the game.

That means that you:

  • you must go out on weekends
  • you must be active in online dating

Doing this kind of thing is the way you will meet more women to sleep with. If you’re not in the game, you won’t have many opportunities to meet women. Improving your appearance and your overall value in the sexual marketplace will make you a great candidate for sex.

However, you still need to get out there and be in the market.

If you don’t have sex friends or girls you sleep with constantly, and you don’t have that much experience with women, this can seem overwhelming. Especially when you go out and date online and you don’t have much success at first.

It takes time to see results

Remember to quit. You must give yourself time to get into the game. Whether you’re new to this or just got out of a relationship, it takes a little while to figure out how to get started.

In fact, it can take a month or two of constantly dating and using online dating to fuck. Alright. You might see guys bragging online that they have sex with at least 2-4 girls a month. Half of that is bullshit. Some are guys with low standards. And only a few men truly pull it off, consistently sleeping with hot women. The average man only sleeps with 8 women in his entire life (yes, these are the facts). So you’ll be fine.

To all the new guys out there, try hard to get out. Take the initiative and approach. Women will not come to you.

And this is probably the hardest part. Start a conversation with one of these women. You can improve your skills with our eBook: Approach, Flirt and Seduce Phrases (Online in 2021).


 3. Start sleeping with women around you

Once you meet the girls at the night club, dancing or online, it’s time to sleep with them. Ideally, you sleep with them the night you meet them, but usually that won’t happen. Many times you can have them come directly to your house from Tinder. And if you can’t, you can always try to get laid on the first or second date.

Either way, you’ll start sleeping with the women around you.

This is where you start the process of finding a partner to have sex with, instead of just pumping and dumping. And it starts failing well.

If you give him a good time, he’ll want to come back for more.

If I don’t have a good time, I won’t see you again. In the past, fucking a girl once would be enough for her to fall in love with you. In today’s age, you have to get it right.

Don’t worry. With a little practice and reading The Master Method of Sex, you will know how to fuck women correctly.


4. You must see them regularly

After you sleep with them and do well, you just have to invite them again to have a good time with you. You can plan an appointment to come once a week on a certain day. For example, on Friday nights at 7:00 p.m. after work. Or as long as it works for the two of you.

Let me make one thing clear and you shouldn’t literally say “hey, let’s put it on a schedule.” Ask him if he wants to chat or have a drink next week, and you should find the right place and time. And then you start to make that space in your schedule every week. Sometimes schedules change and you or she will have to cancel or rearrange things.

However, if you are able to do this, then you have successfully learned how to get a sex partner.

If you do well in bed, there’s a good chance you can make her your sex friend. You shouldn’t be fooled by sex. If so, it’s because you didn’t do a good job most of the time.

One last crucial piece of advice: never tell her she’s a sex partner. It sounds a bit strange, but women who come to understand that they are just a friend to you, will leave you immediately. Women want to feel special and appreciated. When you go on a date with a friend, treat her like she’s your girlfriend.

No, don’t invite his family or introduce him to yours, but I want to say:

  • you should give him compliments
  • you must be romantic
  • You must be interested in her
  • make her feel special

Just do the little things, that you would do with a real girlfriend.


5. Most of your friends will want to go out with you or they will be bored

After seeing a girl as a friend for a while, she will eventually try to settle down with you or someone else. Especially if you learned how to fuck a girl like a beast. She will become addicted and will want you just for herself. Or go find a man to go out with her.

This is called exhaustion. It will happen with most of the girls you have as friends. Because eventually they’ll get tired of having sex and push for more.

Some girls will only last a few weeks, others will last 6 months or even a year as prostitutes. Just know that you’re not really his friend. She is feminine and you are masculine. She will want to fall in love with you and this is something common. Make sure to protect your heart and be ready when she disappears, because you must learn to move on with your life.

Is there a dark side of friends just for sex?

As much as I try to prove that there is a deep, dark side to fucking friends, it just doesn’t exist. There is nothing wrong with flirting with someone just because you are physically attracted to them.

There is also nothing wrong with having someone as a partner for sex, just because that person is your friend. And are you going to get an STD doing this? Well, as much as we’d like to dodge the problem, no one is completely safe from an STD. Just make sure you always do it with a condom.

The only problem that can arise is, perhaps, that you fall in love with your sex partner or she with you.

You must be good in bed

She will become addicted to your body if you are really good at having sex. That is why I recommend reading The Master Method of Sex.

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