Although many do not know it, men have a G-spot. For men, the sexiest part of their body is their penis, it is stimulated without too much effort and since they do not know anything else, they are content with that degree of pleasure without knowing what they are losing….

Most men are unaware of the pleasure potential of the male G-spot. Some already know that they have a G-spot, others may have a certain idea on how to access it, but the path that leads to achieving that kind of pleasure can also discourage some men as they fear that they will like it….

Sexual orientation is not determined by what we like to do in bed; that is, that we try other ways of pleasure does not question heterosexuality, or virility, or anything like that…

Perhaps when they begin to understand that they are not homosexuals for exploring the anal area, that homosexuality has other characteristics, then they will regret the lost time….

That’s why it’s up to women to take him down that road less traveled,  give him a G-spot orgasm  and drive him wild in bed so he experiences pleasure he’s never felt before.

Table of Contents

  • 1 What is and where is the male G-spot?
    • 1.1 Stimulates the male G-spot from the outside
    • 1.2 Entering….the route to orgasm.

What is and where is the male G-spot?

To be exact, the male G-spot is none other than his prostate gland. It is a spongy organ, about the size of a walnut, located within the pelvic area, between the genitals and the rectum. Since it is located inside the body, it can be a bit difficult to explore, hence the little attention it receives during sex.

But don’t be fooled, it may seem like a complicated path, but surely you can triple the pleasure and intensity of a normal orgasm. Compared to the female G-spot, its male counterpart is easier to find and pretty straightforward when it comes to stimulation.

There are different ways you can play with the male G-spot and each can produce varying levels of pleasure.

Stimulates the male G-spot from the outside

Stimulating your G-spot from the outside produces subtle sensations and a sense of anticipation. The main area of ​​attack is the perineum, which is the small space of skin between the anus and the scrotum. The male prostate gland sits directly above it and also houses a bundle of nerves that connect the anus and testicles.

#1 Give it a little scratch. The male perineum is very sensitive to touch due to all the nerves located in the area. With the tips of his fingers, he gently scratches his stain in a “come hither” motion. Make sure the tips of your nails just touch his skin to give him an anticipated sense of pleasure. He uses long, slow scraping motions starting near the anus and reaching the edge of his scrotum.

#2 The figure of eight. Using the soft pad of your fingertips, draw a figure eight starting from his perineum behind his scrotum and drawing circles around the base of his penis, completing a figure eight around his scrotum. Apply a little pressure this time and you will notice that it gets harder.

#3 Rubbing the genie lamp. This time, you will need to apply a little more pressure to his perineum. Using two fingers, gently rub the skin in a slow circular motion. You will start to feel your muscles tense and tighten, and it will get harder than ever.

#4 Knocking on the back door. From her perineum, direct your stimulation toward the opening of her anus. Gently rub the edge of your anus in a circular motion while gently pressing on the center.

Entering….the route to orgasm.

This is the part where you may encounter some resistance because it is a bit “invasive”. But if you’re up to it, you can reap the rewards of an orgasm you haven’t felt before.

Just a few tips before you jump in…:

– Hygiene. Make sure they are both clean. Ask him to rinse properly and trim your nails to avoid injuries and infections.

– Ask him. As I mentioned, this could be a bit invasive, especially for men. So only proceed if you really agree 100 percent.

– Slide it. Use a lubricating gel so your fingers enter smoothly.


#5 Finding her G-spot.  Using your middle and index fingers, gently pry open her hole and ask her to relax. Steadily place your fingers inside until you’ve managed to reach two inches deep. From there, massage the front wall of his insides “the wall that faces his penis” until you feel a light bump. Congratulations, you’ve found her prostate gland.

#6 Come Here: Part 2.  Just like what you did on his perineum, do the same “come here” motions using your fingers while applying a little pressure each time you move your fingers toward you. Take note of his reactions so you can judge if he wants you to do it a little faster or make it a circular motion.

#7 Multi-task. Now that you’ve learned to locate his sweet spot, you can now finish him off with a combo. A good ending can be achieved that will drive him wild by stimulating him inside while giving him a deep blowjob or a hand job. If you opt for a manual job, try to adopt a rhythmic pattern to stimulate both his penis and his G-spot until he reaches orgasm.

#8 Triple treatment. Be extra sweet with him and give him three times the pleasure: caress his shaft while you use your mouth to caress the tip of his penis while your other hand deals with his G-spot area. Another good surprise you can give him is to caress his member and suck his testicles while you please him inside.

Remember that you should always speak freely and communicate what you feel, what you like and what you don’t, in order to have a full and satisfying sexuality by giving each other pleasure as a couple.


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