Although love is a good thing, sometimes it can make you immensely happy and at other times it can be the worst thing in the world. When you are reciprocated everything is rosy, but when there is a separation sometimes and you have to suffer, and there is nothing left but to learn to forget and move on.

Ending a relationship can be one of the most difficult processes, even more so if you still feel something for that person, but that does not mean that it is impossible, to achieve this you need to know the steps so that you can forget that person in a way healthy and without much drama.

Forgetting could take you months or even years, sometimes the person who is in that situation tries to get out, but feels that he is in quicksand, because every time he tries to go up he sinks deeper and deeper, since he is not following the correct strategies.

Here we leave you some strategies on how to forget someone by following a few simple steps


You must stop thinking about what you would have done or not done for your relationship. If it’s over it’s for something and it depends on the 2, you should stop looking for explanations. If you feel that this person is still haunting your mind, you should try to replace those thoughts with other thoughts that are not the “what if” thoughts. Try to turn the page and if you are going to think about the past let it be to learn from it and not to regret it.


When someone leaves us, we tend to fall into the idea that we are not good enough for the other person. We overestimate them by putting them on a pedestal thinking that they are looking for something better than us and that is why they cut the relationship, it is even possible that you believe that you will never feel something like that again

It is understood that the sadness that the separation generates can affect your self-esteem, but you must be aware that you are worth a lot, and that you are neither more nor less than the other, but sometimes things just do not work. Try to write all the reasons why the relationship ended. It does not necessarily have to be a list of the negative traits of that person, since it is not about criticizing the personality but talking about the differences between the two. There are many valid reasons to end a relationship without looking for blame.


Keeping your mind busy helps more than a lot in the process of forgetting someone, go to the gym, take an extra class, read, go for a walk, resume the activities that you left aside.

Distract yourself, go out and see the world, do new things, let yourself be carried away by distractions from time to time, it will give your mind a break and help you remember that not everything revolves around the other person.

Reading, watching movies, playing video games are examples of activities that can help keep your mind busy.

Go out with someone else, not just to have a relationship, get together with positive and motivating people, meeting new people will help you open up and realize that there are many other people in this world and that you can find someone else

We advise you not to resort to alcohol or drugs as a means of distraction. When people are sad and vulnerable, they are prone to creating addictions when they abuse vice as a way to escape from problems.


Solitude is also good, it helps you reflect. Take your time to be alone, remember that a nail does not remove another nail but it is the person who nailed it.

It is very important that you take the time to get to know yourself and love yourself, to know what you really want.

Life will be good again, it is categorical, but if you think that everything good is only because of another person, it will be difficult for you to get out of that bad situation, so spending time and discovering yourself will be what will allow you to move forward

In summary, we can tell you that closing it is very important, and it is the first step. As in any field, the first step is the one that costs us the most.

Avoid contact and spy networks, do not look into those thoughts

that consume you, try better to seek to learn from the experience, rescue the positive, because that is what will help you grow and prepare for a new relationship.

You must have confidence that you will be able to forget, sometimes memories blind us and you will think that you will never be able to forget it, but the truth and the concrete thing is that everything happens and you are the one who has the power to achieve it, in a greater or lesser time. We hope it has been of help to you. Remember that you are worth a lot to be sad person.

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