Many times we want to attract men’s attention, but we don’t want to seem desperate either. Which at first glance, does not seem to be so complicated to do, however, in some cases it can be a titanic task, especially if we do not have much experience speaking or directly, wanting to stand out before the eyes of some man. Keep in mind that being a woman, you already have practically everything you need to be able to attract the attention of men, you just have to learn to use your charms in a subtle way and do not forget that the physical part is important, but it is also good to consider that our personality should also stand out.

We know that we do not want to become peacocks, but what do we have to do so that a man we like notices our presence, and that we can stand out for who we are? If you are interested in this, then continue reading because in this article we will present some ways in which women can attract the attention of men without being noticed too much.

It authenticates: yourself.

Always be yourself, even if you are very interested in a man, you must remain true to who you are. If you appear to be different, then you will attract his attention for who you pretend to be and not for who you really are. And we all know you don’t want that. As for your character, this is a filter that you should use, because you do not want to be with a man who does not support you or who simply does not like you as you are. This has nothing to do with your character in particular, nor with his, it simply means that you both have to work to solve the conflicts that the set of your personalities cause. And if they can’t, then it’s better that the relationship doesn’t escalate. You must try to maintain balance, without exaggerating your character or falling into indifference, which you don’t feel either. These messages are not viewed favorably by men. So try to find the balance.

Physical appearance is not everything.

Women always feel more comfortable when we are dressed up, we feel pretty and we get the best out of ourselves. But we can never feel that we are in a beauty contest, where with the physical, we already have everything won. It may work in the first place with men, but it is not enough to maintain a long-term relationship. You should also know how to solve the conflicts that any relationship with another person entails.

Although sometimes it may not seem like it or it may even sound a bit old-fashioned, men do have a certain idea of ​​the woman they want to be with, so just spending time on how you look is not enough. You should also keep in mind that personality is going to be an aspect to consider and that it will weigh more than appearance over time.

Be nice and positive

Something more powerful than the physical appearance in women is the feeling of well-being. If you make the man feel good with your presence and if he enjoys your company, you will definitely be a woman who will not go unnoticed. What’s more, they will probably really want to spend more time with you and maybe even invite you to a program. It is not about continually flattering him, just try to be nice, so that you can attract several people to enjoy the happiness that you are projecting. For the above, try to put yourself in a good mood by watching a video that makes you laugh, thinking of situations or anecdotes that you can tell that put you in a high mood. Maybe it will also help you to listen to a song or talk to a friend who transmits that good energy to you.

Connect with yours.

Try to connect with his friends and close ones, they are an easy way to reach him. Also, if you get along with them, it is a plus for him not to have to worry, tomorrow if you are going to get along with them or not. So we recommend approaching them in a natural way and creating a good environment, in which you feel relaxed and safe.

If you manage to create fruitful relationships with them, it is most likely that you will attract the attention of the man you are interested in in a very positive way. In addition, you will most likely have options to approach him, in scenarios that you can do with your new friends.

Dare, try it: talk to him.

If you do not have much practice in talking and connecting with other men, then we advise you to practice this talk with someone who does not interest you for something romantic and that you can thus improve the aspects that you do not like, so that later you have a greater confidence and you can feel safe when having conversations with men that you like.

It is always better to try to talk to the man you like and be sure that we did everything possible to get closer to him.

There is no doubt that all women can attract the attention of men, that’s for sure, but do we have the will to do it? Sometimes we just need a little knowledge and a little push to dare to put our learning into practice.

Do not despair if not everything goes as planned, that happens to all of us in all areas of our lives, so worry about being able to solve the obstacles that you have on the way and never lose hope of being able to conquer the ability to being able to draw the attention of the men you want in your own way, without looking like a vase and giving priority to occupying your own personality.

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