We are sure that you have heard from time to time about the squirt. Many people think that it is a myth, a legend that only occurs in erotic videos and that it is a mere trick to excite us, however, from here we tell you that it is something that you can experience and that it is a Sensation more than pleasant, something that will raise you to levels of pleasure that you would never have thought to reach. If you want to get started in squirting or you want your partner to enjoy his first squirt, here we will tell you how to achieve it.

Squirt what is it?

Before starting our guide to get a squirt, we have to make it clear what exactly this act is, as well as give some differences so that there is no confusion. First of all, we have to clarify that  female ejaculation  is not the same as squirting, so a woman can ejaculate or have an orgasm without the need to produce a squirt. According to experts, the fluids of both a female ejaculation and squirting are different, both in composition and also in the place where they come from.

When we talk about female ejaculation, we are referring to a watery substance, with a milky appearance that for many people is like a lubrication of the vagina. As you can imagine, unlike that of men, when women have their orgasm, this liquid does not come out propelled, but stays inside the vaginal canal, although it can come out depending on the position in which the woman is and also of the amount of fluids it has produced.

The squirt therefore does not come from the vagina, but  is released through the urethra . The expelled liquid is transparent, odorless and although many women (and men) think that it is a moment in which women reach orgasm, it is not so and associating both concepts could make a mistake, although more and more women are those who want to put it into practice to know what it feels like and that is why in the next part of this article we will talk about how to squirt so that you can put it into practice, either alone or with your partner.

When talking about what is released through the urethra, it must be clarified that after hundreds of studies that have been carried out in different renowned Universities, what is expelled is a kind of diluted urine, being quite interesting to know that before the practice sexually, the bladder was completely empty and that with stimulation it filled quickly.

Steps to get a squirt

Once we have made the clarification about squirting and female ejaculation, we want to tell you what is necessary so that you can put it into practice. The essential thing is that you can relax, that you don’t take it as a goal that you must accomplish in a single session, on the contrary, perhaps some people achieve it at first, but the ideal is that you can  relax and enjoy  the moment, which at After all, it is what we are looking for with this type of sexual experience. If you are obsessed with achieving this sensation, you may get nervous and not get aroused properly, making it more difficult to get to the point where the squirt happens.

The important thing to get to squirting is that you know your body perfectly. Female sexuality, as you well know, is complex and each woman enjoys it in a different way, some prefer to stimulate the clitoris in one way, while others prefer the vagina to feel more aroused. For this reason, before trying to reach the squirt, what you should be clear about are your points or areas that stimulate you the most. Remember that the sensation is very different from orgasm, so you may be experiencing a squirt without it being a full climax.

The easiest and most direct way to reach the squirt is through the  stimulation of the G-spot . Unlike other sensations, it should not be something slow or calm, but when you know exactly the area and the way in which you should be stimulated, do it quickly, with energy, obtaining maximum pleasure in the shortest possible time. Many specialists in squirting assure that, although it can be done with the hands and arrive calmly, for those women or couples who want to experience it, the fastest and most effective are erotic toys, since these will achieve greater power in stimulation, without getting tired. nor lose sight of the G-spot.

For everything to go as it should be, the first thing you should do is  stimulate your clitoris  or that of your partner, with this what is achieved is that the blood supply grows and therefore, it is easier to touch and manipulate it. Once you have done it correctly, it will be time to insert your finger or fingers through the vagina, feeling the area where the G-spot is located, you will know how to distinguish it because it is a rough area to the touch that, when stimulated as it is correct , you will begin to feel that you want to urinate, being one of the indications that you are on the right track.

Little by little the sensations and excitement will increase, so you will have to press something harder and with more speed, increasing the sensation of urine, once you can’t anymore you will see that you will enjoy this great sexual experience.

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