The Friend Zone is a zone we have all been in at some point in our lives and some of us have lasted too long in it. If you are one of those lucky few who do not know what the Friendzone is, we will tell you what it is: ‘friend zone’ in Spanish, it refers to that situation in which a person falls in love with another for whom the first will never cease to be a friend or friend. That is, the typical example of impossible love.

Yes, the saddest.

According to popular belief, once you enter the Friendzone, you will be locked there for life, but that is totally untrue. There are certain things that, without realizing that you have been doing them, keep you in the Friendzone for much longer than necessary. It’s not your friend’s fault, he or she is not a horrible person who has held you hostage in this dreaded place. You yourself have been doing it. Fortunately there is something you can do right now to start digging yourself out, so follow these tips and you’ll know how to get out of the friend zone.

1. Admit that you are in the Friendzone.

The first step in any vicious circle is to accept it and not fall into denial. What you are doing is not working. You know that “special person” you think of every night when you go to bed, better said, your friend? You think that if you answer the calls every first ring of the phone when he calls you, and leave your weeks just in case she needs help with anything, eventually she’ll clear her head and realize that she absolutely has to sleep with you, not just today but for the rest of her life, and we’re not talking about having sex, but make love. But here’s the problem: everything you’ve been doing is taking you much further from turning that fantasy into reality. Your instincts are wrong, your feelings are wrong, and your intuition is wrong. If that was the case, you and your friend would already be together. It’s time to get closer to her in a different way. Take everything you think you know and throw yourself in. Now you are a blank slate, the most attractive slate that walks the earth. It is much easier to bury your head in the sand, to pretend that your situation is different and that you are not living through the hell of the Friendzone, than to get a solution to the problem, the first step is to admit that you have a problem and stop making excuses.

2. Define How Your Friend Sees You

When your friend looks at you, she sees you as something other than a boyfriend/girlfriend, thus putting you in the friend zone. Identifying how she sees you is crucial. If she sees you as a brother, or a father, or a therapist, you have a mountain to climb. But again, it is possible to change that dynamic. If your friend sees you as a shadow, a human pillow, or a boyfriend replacement, then she thinks you’re too available and she’s likely to take your friendship for granted. You have to change the dynamic between the two of you, we’ll show you how to do it shortly. But first, you need to ask yourself an important question: Are you willing to risk it all?

3. Confess your Feelings

There are many ways to begin the Confession. Basically, all that is needed is to express to your friend how you feel about her and get a response that lets you know how she feels about you. Very simple. But doing it is the hardest part. It’s not like “well yeah, I dropped my cell phone on the floor. Anyway, I like you a lot.” A big part of getting out of the friend zone depends on how you express your feelings to your friend. There are good ways, and there are very bad ways. If you’re drunk, on the phone, or texting him, don’t even think about it. A good confession has to be personal, in a private place, when they are completely sober.


Stop sharing so much time with him and put your life on his function. Find your own spaces, group of friends and let him miss you. Get away from that painful situation that brings about a relationship that is not reciprocated.

Perhaps what you discover is that you are not so much in love with that person and you can begin to build a true relationship of friendship with her.

5. Go out with other people.

The objective of this premise is, first, to try to reduce a little the emotionality and the feelings that you feel towards your friend for whom you feel emotions and to give you the opportunity to meet someone who does correspond to you. Second, because perhaps this fact generates a reaction on his part and he ends up realizing that he also has feelings for you. Who knows?.

6. Change your Look

When you come up with a new look, your friend will start to wonder what else you’re capable of. He will think you are deeper and more mysterious, with special talents that cannot be imagined. People like surprises, it’s exciting, the fact that you haven’t consulted them about this big change will make them wonder what’s happening to you. We hate to be superficial, but we are, the same with your friend (or). Many times what separates you most from love with that person is your NO FEAR shirt that you wore in sixth grade and still fits. Change it, you will never know if that is what she/he has waited so long for.

7. Change your Attitude.

Have you checked your attitude lately? how does it look? No one wants to be with a person who lives complaining about everything. that’s you?. Here’s the lowdown: if you’re not happy at least half the time, you’re in deep trouble. It is difficult for someone to want to be with you if you spend your time complaining and being negative.

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