We ignore a good part of the year, the special care of the skin of our legs, but summer arrives and we hope to show off our legs with comfortable skirts and without stockings. This implies, however, a series of skin care that we must always take into account. We must moisturize the skin, shave more frequently and all this sometimes leads to certain inconveniences such as annoying pimples on the skin of the legs. We tell you why they are formed and how to treat them.

Frequently small pimples appear on the legs. Many people confuse this with the presence of acne, since they look alike, but they are not produced by the same origin. It happens that with frequent hair removal, some very short or very weak hairs do not reach the skin surface, so they are trapped or ingrown, forming around them these small grains.

They are extremely annoying not only because of their appearance but also because they sometimes cause pain.

How to solve the problem of pimples on the leg?

The good practice of using exfoliants

The exfoliation of the skin, in this area of ​​our body, usually gives good results. There are different types of procedures, exfoliating the skin regularly helps to eliminate these formations and work on the hair that is still weak.

What do we call exfoliation? It is about that natural process that the skin carries out, renewing and removing the dead cells that are left as residues in the skin area. There are specialized products that help us make this process effective.

To do so, it is good to moisten the skin you want to work on, then apply the product gently in circular movements to avoid any irritation that may occur. The most advisable thing is that this action can be repeated usually once a day to achieve an optimal result. After performing this process, a moisturizer should be applied so that the skin is much better, moisturized and radiant.

the creams

Some types of specific creams with alpha hydroxy acids are effective. These products also have an exfoliating effect, getting rid of the dead cells that remain on the skin to make way for a much smoother and fresher skin.

This is important because it allows the hair that remains ingrown without being able to come out to the skin surface naturally, to follow its normal process due to the treatment that the skin receives with daily care.

It is good that you know that all these products require a process of getting used to the skin. At first you can proceed every other day, as long as your skin gets used to the use of the products and then work the skin more frequently and thus achieve the expected optimal results.

The use of blade razors is also recommended, since each pass removes a thin layer of the skin, an effect that allows the hair to come to the surface. But, it must be taken into account that this must be done without the presence of pimples, since rubbing against sharp leaves can cause injuries. It is that we take this measure as prevention, before these formations appear on the skin.

Depilatory creams are not recommended, since their use is intended for very superficial and fine hair such as those on the face. It would not have the same effect in this area of ​​the body and in such circumstances, since a specific product is required to work it.

Depilatory wax, cold or hot, is a good option. It is recommended for its use, to use a product that contributes to retard hair growth, in this way it is achieved that the hair that grows is finer and finer and gradually weakens.

Some basic rules about skin care

Each skin type requires different care. Depending on whether we have dry, combination or oily skin, there are products that fit each skin type. If you have dry skin, you will not require the same products as those with oily skin. In our skin there are more sensitive areas than others. Thus, the face should be treated with other types of products that are not used for body care. The eye area, in particular, is treated with special materials, which are only used in that specific area since it is close to the eyes, a highly sensitive area that requires care.

Moisturizing the skin is very important. To achieve balance in skin care, we must bear in mind that the dermis is made up of 70 percent water and the epidermis 15 percent. This means that we must work to maintain the level of hydration of our skin with a daily care of deep hydration with creams for the effect.

For this summer, take into account these tips that will allow you to show off splendid legs.

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