For many, a passionate kiss is a question that always goes wrong. Put into practice these 10 tips on how to passionately kiss a woman, to enjoy a perfectly romantic kiss.

A kiss can say a lot about a couple and their future romance.

Or so we have been told forever. Giving the first kiss very badly probably means that there is no chemistry in the relationship.

With so much pressure on kissing, it’s more than obvious that you need to be a good kisser.

So what makes the difference between a perfect passionate kiss and a dead fish?

How to kiss her passionately

A good kiss is in the experience. And if you know a few things about passionate kissing, you could be a great kisser in no time.

Actually, there is no good kisser or bad kisser.

There are only kissers who kiss well and kissers who don’t kiss well.

Think of it this way, you can be a good driver. But when you drive a new car for the first time, will you really feel as comfortable in the new car as you would in your old car?

In life, everything takes time.

And so, a passionate kiss also needs time.

Most people rush to kiss, because that’s how they see it in the movies.

In a romantic movie, the first kisses are always so perfect, romantic and passionate. But in real life, it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, there is no reset button in real life.

8 tips to give a passionate and romantic kiss

Whether it’s a passionate first kiss or one of the first kisses you exchange with your new girl, it’s always best to take your time.

Get comfortable, learn from each other and take things easy. Use these 8 tips on how to passionately kiss, and you will definitely be a great passionate kisser before you finish that kiss with your girl.

1. Take it easy (yes, very slow)

Don’t rush the kiss. Take it easy and even if you start with a kiss on the lips, don’t just focus on the lips. Move your lips slowly after a few first kisses on the lips, and brush your lips against your girl’s neck or chin. Breathe on your girl’s skin and you will feel much more romantic and sensual. Spend some time warming each other up with a good kiss, and take it easy.

2. Enjoy the kiss

When the two of you begin to kiss, kiss for several seconds at a time without forcing your way in. Don’t worry about how long the kiss lasts as long as you feel comfortable.

Don’t put your tongue on your partner’s lips right away. Take your time and feel the process playing slow. Always wait for your partner’s reciprocity before going too far. Take some time between each kiss, separating your lips from your lover, but keep them very close to her, almost to the point of kissing her again.

3. Sensually touch her face

A passionate kiss involves more than just the kiss. While kissing, you can touch your partner’s face and shoulders with your hands. You can also join your partner’s hands with yours, as long as everything you do is subtle and delicate.

4. Don’t get distracted (by the passing car)

When you kiss someone passionately, you need to stop getting distracted by anything. Just close your eyes and enjoy the feeling. If you’re distracted, your partner won’t feel the intimate connection and will end up experiencing a less than pleasurable kiss.

5. Passion is not only experienced on the lips

If you want to know how to kiss passionately, you must remember this fact. A kiss is just a kiss. It’s what you do while kissing that makes a kiss passionate. While kissing your wife on the lips, stop her kiss to move her face lower and kiss her ears, chin and the areas around your wife’s lips and even her neck.

6. You can be aggressive from time to time

Passion is nothing more than sensual aggression. Now that you’ve been kissing your girl for a few minutes or even seconds, push your girl’s face back with your lips or by pinning her hair at the back of her head. By doing this, you are taking a perfectly romantic kiss and turning it into something passionate and sexy.

But no matter how aggressive you get when you experience a sexual high while kissing, always go back to soft, relaxed kisses. A burst of passion feels great, and makes for a nice change of pace when you kiss for more than a few seconds.

don’t hurt her

Do not bite hard or give hickeys unless your woman wants it. Yes, it is easy to get carried away when you are on a passionate high, but you will end up hurting your woman or giving her an unpleasant experience, when you pull something or touch something really hard.

7. Keep it moist without drooling

Wet kisses are extremely passionate, but there’s a fine line between passion and drool. While good kisses turn on, drooling kisses are a huge turn off. When you kiss your woman, they need to feel your moisture on their lips. But nevertheless, you should never overdo it.

To test your kiss, kiss the back of your palm for a second right now.

Do you see any moisture on your palm? If you see a round circle of moisture, you’ve exaggerated it. If you don’t see anything in your palm, that’s not enough. The perfect initial wet kiss is one that leaves a thin layer of moisture on the back of your hand, which dries a few seconds after kissing the back of your hand.

By familiarizing yourself with this type of kiss, you will know exactly how far you need to part your lips while kissing a woman, and how wet your kiss needs to feel to leave her with a good experience. And even when you kiss your partner on the neck or anywhere else, use this same type of kiss. A cool sensation that dries almost immediately can make you feel sexy and full of passion while kissing.

8. Don’t contradict her

You can use your tongue and you can use your hands. But you should always be soft in your approach, unless your partner responds with some aggression. When you are in a new relationship, both of you must learn from each other. Let your girl take the lead in kissing for a minute or two before switching over and taking the lead. By doing this, you can both understand each other’s kissing styles, and learn what each of you likes, instead of going from a good passionate kiss to a disaster.

If your girl gets aggressive or tries to dominate the kiss, let her take control for a while. And once you learn about her passionate kissing style, you can improvise your own kissing style to create something new and much more sexy and passionate.

Learning to kiss passionately can be very easy if you follow these tips. After all, a passionate kiss is more about understanding her, so you should take all these tips into account.

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