What do you think when I mention the word massage?

Soft music, soft hands, a comfortable and relaxed place? It sounds good and it feels good, but… imagine if you are the one giving the massage, touching the smooth skin and erotic curves of a woman’s body.

Sexy, isn’t it?

We can go quite deep into this and talk about 50 types of massage along with a wide variety of movements and techniques. But we’re not going to do it. You are not a professional masseur and what really matters is perfecting certain caresses that will serve to have a foreplay with your partner.

I’m going to show you how to give a sensual massage that will connect you to her body and let you explore it. Even if you only rub her for 10 minutes, you’ll be rewarded by having a happy, relaxed woman in your arms (or in your bed).

essential ingredients

Before you learn how to give a sensual massage, you have to know the ingredients. Learn to put each tip together in the right way, and this will have a great effect on your pleasure and you will be able to get the result you want.

#1 Your emotions are basic

She must be attracted to you! You need to make her feel as comfortable as possible.

First, dim the lights and light some candles . This gives a romantic atmosphere. Then, prepare the place where you will give the massage. Find a good firm surface for her to lie on (your bed, a towel, the floor, or even a table.) (This is assuming you don’t have a professional massage table.) If you’re giving her a simple hand massage or the head, a chair would be fine.

#2 Music

Music is a vital part of setting the right mood. Please, no Foo Fighters, Eminem or Martin Garrix.

Make sure you know what your goal is; either relax her and prepare her for sex or put her to sleep. If a romantic massage is an aperitif before the main course, then choose something sexy like soul music or if it is to relax her then choose some soft blues, or even nature sounds like flowing water or the sounds of rain in the forest.

#3 The oil

Oil is your main ingredient . It is as important as a mechanic’s wrench.

The list of appropriate oils that you can use is long. Experiment with several and find the one you like. My main recommendation would be to find an oil that is good for a sensual massage. That you can use it on her vagina too, as a “sensual oil massage”.

And this is very important: First, apply a drop of oil to your hand – to see if it does not cause any allergies.

#4 Hot hands and oil

Have warm hands, a warm room, a firm surface, and a pillow for his head. Just like the oil, it should also be somewhat hot and not cold. Make sure it’s already at room temperature when you use it.

For a massage, place the oil on your hands, not directly on your skin.

#5 Towels

Have a towel – to cover her (during a full body massage when working on her legs, cover her back) or to put under her ankles or neck for comfort.

#6 Right Body

When you are lying down make sure your body is straight. You can release stress and release pressure simply by straightening your posture.

#7 Be careful

With everything and everywhere – carefully. No pressing too hard, no pinching. Always give him comforting and relaxing movements, never very heavy or deep.

Massage the muscles, not the bones (be especially careful with the spine, massage around it).

#8 Communication

Talk to her, ask her what she likes. Read her body and listen. She will tell you – directly or just sighing or moaning silently with pleasure. Communication and chemistry between you will make your work a success.

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sensual massage techniques

Now that you have all the ingredients for a great sensual massage, it’s time to learn various techniques.

The part of the body with which you are going to play and the duration of it will be yours. If the date is number ten – give her the gift of a full body massage. Nothing is as romantic as giving him a massage.

If it’s a one night stand and you feel a bit shy at the beginning – massage her hand to relax her and enjoy the beginning by touching the skin of her hand.

Let the foreplay begin! Here are some sensual massage techniques that will make you look like a master massager. (you can practice them on your body, for example, on your thigh)

#1 strokes

The stroke technique is essentially long gentle movements with your hands on some part of his body.

Keep your fingers together, thumbs parallel, and palms in full contact with his body part. This is extremely pleasurable in all areas of your body. It will make your toes squirm with pleasure.

#2 kneading

Kneading massage is great for stimulating muscles and is perfect for your buttocks or any other fleshy area. If you are doing it very calmly you can do it anywhere. But don’t do it on his stomach, especially if his abdomen isn’t that flat. You may feel uncomfortable and fat.

The way to do the kneading massage is by holding and lifting the tissue (not too hard!). First, you press into the muscle tissue with your palms, then bring your fingers together and then move up in a long motion.

#3 Shiatsu

Shiatsu is the main technique used in Japan and is very easy to learn. If you’ve ever had a good back massage and felt your thumbs rub your knots, then you’ve had the shiatsu-style treatment.

Just put your hands or fingers on it at a certain point while applying some pressure and rotating slowly. She tries to find some knots in her upper back and tries to loosen them, but not too hard to the point where it hurts.

If you’re really experienced, you can use your elbow in places where you can really use pressure. But for now, let’s leave that to the professionals.

#4 Compression

Compression is another common technique used in massage. Basically, you just press on an area, increasing blood flow and loosening up the muscle. This is a good move to do before putting on shiatsu practice, just warm things up and get the blood flowing. This is also good on the buttocks, where you can put one hand on top of the other and rotate slowly.

All of these massage moves go well together. For example: Start with a compression on the ends of your body (feet, legs, hands and arms), then use a little oil and strokes on your back, then apply Shiatsu to your shoulders, knead your buttocks and finish giving strokes down her calf, up her inner thighs. When you’re done, she’ll be fully turned on.


Let’s start the sensual massage

So now that you have the perfect environment to give her a sensual massage. You have created the perfect environment, you have the best oil and your techniques are good. You are ready to give her the perfect sensual massage and have her return the favor.

Now let’s learn some tips to improve physical contact with your partner.

#1 Massage the back, shoulders and neck

Back, shoulder and neck massage is what immediately comes to mind when you hear the word massage. And for good reason. This is one of the most relaxing massages that can help you please your partner.

To achieve this, the woman has to be on her stomach and her back has to be uncovered. Put a moderate amount of oil on it, warm it up in your hands and apply it to the upper part of her body.

Start with long strokes on his back, up and down. Then start with some Shiatsu and kneading on his shoulders, while slowly working your way up to his neck.

#2 foot massage

The feet are a very special part of the body. They are literally a sensual map of the entire body, since that is where all the nerves connect.

Have him lie on his back. Don’t press too hard on a small area. Start with your heels and work your way up. Be gentle, but not too soft – press down a bit and work with your thumbs.

#3 Hand massage

Hand massages are very similar to foot massages. The hands, like the feet, are the map of the body. Start near the wrist and work your way up. Massage each part of his hand with your thumbs and finish by gently playing with the tips of his fingers. She will enjoy this.

#4 Leg massage

She will be pleased if you rub her thighs and calves, knead them slowly and caress them using the tips of your fingers. Make sure not to put too much pressure on your knees as you use your thumbs to gently massage the area around the kneecap. For a leg massage, it is better to be on your back.

#5 Buttocks Massage

The buttocks is a very erotic area that has to be massaged with your new movements. This is a very sensual massage perfect for perfect foreplay. Just make sure that she wants or desires this massage.

Place your palms on her buttocks and massage in circular motions. Increase the pressure gradually while covering all areas. Next, place your hands on his right buttock and use the kneading technique. Remember, you must create a roll of skin using your thumbs and press up. Repeat this with the left side. She can enjoy it as much as you

#6 Breast Massage

A chest or breast massage is best for a woman. If she is massaging other parts of her body, her breasts should come last. If you start with it you will make her very anxious and ready for sex and then what? A relaxing foot massage? It’s like eating dessert first and then eating the steak.

The trick with breast massages is to slowly arouse desire and finish off the nipples. It is very important to read her body language – look at her face and listen to her. Don’t worry, she will tell you how tough you can be.

Start gently and gently and slowly add more pressure. Remember to caress each area of ​​her breasts since they have erogenous zones that you must stimulate. If that sounds interesting to you, you can rub her breasts together, squeeze them gently, and finish with her nipples. I have to say the following, because I think you already know.

“How do I go from sensual massage to sex?”

If it is your wife or girlfriend, the massage definitely has to be the prelude to sex. Just do it! Start sucking or licking her nipples slowly, or start touching her slowly, have oral sex or penetration.

But maybe she’s not your girlfriend and so far they’ve moved to second base.

So what?

Let’s say it’s your 3rd date, she finds your erotic massage book on your nightstand and gets a little curious. After dinner, things start to get romantic and you offer her full service.

She accepts.

They go to the room and he takes off his clothes and you create the right atmosphere, light some candles and heat the oil.

So let’s say you’ve been in the massage for 30 minutes and you’re warming up and want to move on to sex. What do you do?

#1 removes his towel

Start by removing the towel completely. If he lets you do it without hesitation this is really a good sign, but just continue massaging her like it’s no big deal.

#2 Build it

If she is on her stomach, start slowly massaging higher and higher up her thigh until you reach the point just before her lady parts. She waits there and continues to massage her inner thigh, lightly brushing against her vagina. She can get a little fidgety.

If after a few minutes she hasn’t resisted or told you to be careful with your hands, it’s safe to go further and start touching her slowly. From here on the rest is all yours.

#3 Focus on her breasts

If she is on her back, go up her chest and start massaging the area around her breasts. Again, stay there for a minute or two and if you see no resistance, start massaging her breasts. After a few more minutes proceed to use your mouth and caress her nipples. Again, from here on it’s all up to you.

Go get her!

Last and most important: don’t be shy! Get your hands on it! Women love it. They love massages, attention, feeling special! Concentrate on it and put feeling into what you are doing. Because only then can you fully stimulate it.

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