Wet kisses are those warm kisses that are given with an open mouth and that are accompanied by a great sexual and erotic charge. However, in the same way that they are the perfect prelude to a very hot intimate encounter, they can turn into the opposite and ruin the moment if they are not done well and some aspects are not taken into account. If you want to know how to give wet kisses without upsetting the other person, pay attention to the advice in the following article
Steps to follow:

1 Some recent studies have shown that when men delight women with wet kisses they manage to stimulate their sexual desire and increase their arousal. This is because male saliva contains the hormone testosterone, which works as a perfect aphrodisiac and, therefore, the more testosterone received when kissing, the greater the arousal. 2 Now, although wet kisses are very passionate and ideal for increasing excitement and the desire to advance more in intimate encounters, you must also be careful not to exceed the amount of saliva. Unlike juicy kisses, those that are very slimy can end up ruining the moment and not being well received by the other. 3 Before giving a good wet kiss, it is important to notice the appearance of the lips. Avoid having dry lips, since noticing the skin when kissing is not pleasant at all, and moisten them slightly with your tongue to start the kiss. Likewise, a good breath will be key so that the moment passes normally and is pleasant. 4 Wet kisses should feel warm and wet but without too much saliva. The best thing is to stay relaxed, open your mouth naturally to the right extent, and start with a soft kiss and then move on with a more intense rhythm. When the excitement of both is at a high point, give way to more passionate kisses, play with your tongue inside his mouth and alternate with licks and erotic nibbles on his lips. 5 Limiting wet kisses to the mouth is a big mistake, and this type of kisses are ideal to delight the couple in foreplay.

If you also want to perfect your technique when kissing and surprise with delicious and impressive kisses, do not miss:
How to kiss with tongue.
To kiss with tongue and enjoy it to the fullest, both of you should tilt your head slightly, one to the right side and the other to the left. Thus, you will avoid that the noses of both end up colliding and hindering the fluidity and rhythm of the kisses.


Do not rush. It is not about launching yourself directly to insert your tongue into the mouth of your companion or partner. All in due time! You should start with some conventional kisses and gradually increase the intensity. Start by surprising him by gently running the tip of your tongue across his lips, then subtly begin to slide it into his mouth.


Once the passion and excitement is present, play with your tongue inside her mouth. Caress her tongue with yours, alternating soft and slightly rougher movements, explore her mouth, lick her lips again, and alternate all this with some erotic bites on her lower lip. With all this, your kisses with tongue will leave him speechless and will lead him to want to advance much more.


Don’t forget to accompany your tongue kisses with exciting caresses, fiery words, an intense and direct look into the eyes… and everything you can think of to make everything flow perfectly and be the ideal prelude to enjoy everything to the fullest. what will come after.

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