The first time you have sex can be pretty scary. Especially for men, as they are required to ‘act’.

When it comes to your first time having sex, or the beginning of an intimate relationship with a new partner, there is almost as much anxiety as excitement. Both men and women can worry about whether their partner is really attracted to them, whether they are good in bed, and a thousand things can go wrong.

But friend, here I will tell you what you should do if it is the first time you have sex.

In most cases, things tend to take care of themselves, but knowing the following tips on what to do, as well as how you are prepared and ready for action, can help ease that first-time jitters.

And these are some of the best tips on how to have sex for the first time for men that you should put into practice.

Have fun

Many times, sex becomes a game of egos where men worry about whether they are doing it right and whether they are pleasing their partner. Stop worrying and just enjoy the moment .

Forget everything you’ve seen in movies and porn because it’s not real.

Just enjoy being with her, remember that it is not a game, but a moment with your partner that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

You will have a bad experience if you think too much about it; You’ll basically ruin everything.

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Take it easy

Sex for the first time can make you nervous, but that doesn’t mean you should stress. The only way you’re going to get through this is to stay calm.

Hold your girlfriend’s hand and look into her eyes. She needs to be comfortable, and if you’re not calm then she won’t be either. She be good and let love flow.

How to do this?

It is crucial to create a comfortable environment, where you can build the tension towards sex.

Sex for the first time will be awkward and awkward, so it’s best to make jokes about what they’re going to do, and don’t take anything seriously.

Sex is quite special, but it is also quite a normal thing. Just like driving on the highway 😉

prepare your friend

To make sure your penis is attractive, healthy and ready for action as soon as possible, proper care is needed.

A daily wash is where you should start, because no woman wants to get on top of a penis that smells like cheese.

Use a mild soap and rinse with warm water, not hot, making sure to remove any smegma.

Although some women like the hair down there, one rule of thumb is to keep your hair short – this will help your penis look much better, as well as reduce the risk of unpleasant odours. Read this article on how to take care of your penis.

don’t forget the condoms

If you are not in the mood to become a father then you should take care of yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

You should wear protection whether you’re on a date or even if you don’t think sex will be safe.

Many times, people do not carry condoms and in the heat of the matter end up having unprotected sex which can lead to unwanted pregnancies or STDs.

Give it time and don’t forget the foreplay

This is sex advice for your whole life. If you skip foreplay you will make things go wrong, you will make things extremely awkward and if you skip foreplay, things will end badly.

A common complaint from women is that men don’t spend enough time on foreplay.

What you need to realize is that there is much more to sex than just penetration.

Many women have trouble reaching orgasm through vaginal intercourse and giving them an orgasm through fingering or oral sex may be the way to go. 

it can hurt

Sometimes sex can hurt the first time. The tip of your penis may be tender or it may hurt her.

Dyspareunia or pain during sex is a fairly common phenomenon among women; one in five women experiences it at least once in her life. Mostly due to lack of lubrication so remember that and keep some handy.

Go easy and don’t rush

If this is the first time for your partner too, you should go easy. Many girls decide to hide this fact, and decide to have sex for the first time.

Make sure you go easy on your chicha; don’t ask for things that might make her uncomfortable and also do some things to surprise her.

Get in touch and ask him what he wants.

Make sure it’s listed too. Generally, when two people are attracted to each other, it’s when they’re mutually ready for sex, but if one partner isn’t as comfortable as the other, starting to have sex can be very negative.

Here is a list of sexual questions you can ask to get to know her deepest fantasies.

You will have problems such as premature ejaculation and erection problems

Sometimes the pressure of having sex for the first time can be very great and you may suffer from erection problems or premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is very common because your penis is not used to penetration. If you cum too quickly don’t worry, premature ejaculation should go away over time once your body gets used to vaginal intercourse.

Another problem you may face is a weak or no erection (known as erectile dysfunction).

This is mainly due to the psychological pressure that this is your first time, and you shouldn’t worry about it because the problem will solve itself.

However, if it continues, you should visit a doctor because erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of diabetes or heart disease.

Don’t worry if she doesn’t have an orgasm

Many women find it difficult to reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse, and the only thing that works for them is clitoral stimulation. It is important not to worry about her reaching orgasm.

If you’re having a hard time getting her to orgasm through vaginal intercourse, you can always try getting her to orgasm through oral sex or fingering. Remember that the penis is not the only sexual organ you have.

Keep reasonable expectations

Although some men wish it was the opposite, sex with a real partner will be nothing like what you see in porn movies.

In the world of porn, every scene is staged, so don’t think you have to prove that you have experience.

Many people are awkward at having sex, so don’t worry about impressing her.

It is better to keep a sense of humor and laugh at any time so you can avoid moments of tension.

Wait for the unexpected

In the heat of the moment, several things can go wrong. It may not be lubricated enough or you may not be able to get a strong erection.

Also, first time relationships can be very exciting and men can end much faster, being their first time.

This, of course, is embarrassing, but it’s best to take it as a step and keep a sense of humor.

After all, they can try again (and again, and again), and dwell too much on your mistakes, if they can make you a bad man in bed.

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The most important thing to remember is that NO ONE is good the first time. Sex like everything else takes practice and you will get better with time. So don’t worry about it and just enjoy your first time. 🙂

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