It is well known that perfect bodies do not exist, but there is nothing more attractive than a curvaceous body with a sensual shape. But if your body is provided with slightly wide hips, it is a bit difficult to hide it and show that silhouette. If what you are looking for is to stylize your figure, we recommend you use clothes of the same size, that are neither too tight nor too wide. You should also avoid loading the area as with very striking prints.

You have to know that the best way to project an appropriate and stylish look is to dress according to the shape of your body. In this way you will be highlighting your best attributes and hiding the ones you like least.

If you want to learn how to hide your wide hips, pay attention to our tips.

1- blazers and structured coats.

Details such as shoulder pads, pockets, large buttons or gathers on the shoulders can be great allies when it comes to concealing the hips. You must use long blazers or jackets, which reach the hips. This trick will generate a balance and create a balanced line for your figure to look, and hide the wide hips.

2- straight cut pants.

This outfit is ideal for women with wide hips, as it flatters the figure. You should also take into account the colors to use. It is better to opt for dark colors, such as the inevitable black, brown, gray or navy.

Also the waist of these pants should be high, this will make your legs look longer and your figure much slimmer. Choosing the right pants for your figure is sometimes not easy, especially if you want to follow current fashion.

Narrow pants at the ankles increase the feeling of wide hips and voluminous thighs and greatly enhance the difference in width between both parts.

3- straight skirts and waist.

To hide wide hips and see yourself with a spectacular figure, these types of skirts are the best allies. Avoid using details on the hips, you should not add accessories such as belts as these will make them a center of attention. Discard the skirts with a lot of flight and volume.

It is convenient that you choose straight and knee-length or A-line skirts, they are the right option to look sensual and balance your image at the same time. Also skirts with buttons are very practical to hide wide hips because they make the look focus on the buttons and not draw attention to the hips.

4- tops with shoulder pads.

This garment is a great option for girls with wide hips. Luckily this style of clothing is back in fashion and you can include it in your look, to achieve an hourglass appearance.

5- Empire cut dress.

Another big conflict to attend an elegant event is the choice of dress. The empire cut is ideal for you.

This style is so named because it is cut below the bust and then falls loose. Another good option is when the cut is at the waist. Another very important tip when choosing a dress to hide your wide hips is to wear one with a V-shaped neckline, as deep as you can. You dare?

6- shirts o shirts.

It is one of the most popular alternatives to hide wide hips, because they cover those areas. But not any of the tunics works, they should not be very tight and made of materials such as cotton.

Opt for straight cuts and not so close to the body.

7- the accessories.

The accessories are a good complement to hide the hips for example. But be careful, they must be earrings, necklaces, and even scarves etc. These are ideal because they draw attention to your torso and face and will take center stage from your hips.

Stay away from very large bracelets or bangles, because they will attract too much attention by hanging your arms down to your hips.

8- heels.

Simply essential. High heels lengthen the silhouette and slim the legs. In addition, walking with heels muscles the legs and makes the calves something amazing.

To alternate, boots or buccaneers are ideal to hide the hips and will give you a slim and elegant figure at the same time.

9- use dark colored garments.

Any tone in its darkest version can be used. There is no need to always opt for the wonderful black, you can use shades (maroon, blue, navy, green…) any of these colors can hide your imperfections and will give you more games to combine and create your own style.

Although you should use fabrics with a matte finish, since the shine gives the sensation of volume, and that is what we do not want.

You should not use the prints in the lower part of your clothing, the drawings and large figures widen the hips more and also focus attention on that area.

10- do not use tight clothing.

If we have wide hips, let’s forget about the lycra leggings, these will only serve to frame and highlight your figure. So also wool garments and other winter fabrics will add extra volume where we don’t want to add it.

These garments will only round off and highlight more that area that we want to cover. Very thick fabrics are also not recommended, they also give more volume and visual weight.

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