All women are a little vain, our greatest desire is to see ourselves beautiful and without imperfections.

To enhance the attractiveness of your facial features and your natural beauty, makeup is one of the best tricks to achieve it. It is also essential to hide, correct and show off a slimmer and more stylized face.

Lighting your face with makeup is a new way to highlight your beauty. Makeup is not only used to better highlight the features of the face, but also to give your face another appearance.

And you don’t have to be an expert on the subject to do it. It’s just a matter of having the necessary products and tools to achieve it.

One of the makeup techniques that most helps to highlight the beauty of women is the illuminator, if what you are looking for is to highlight the features, the use of this product is essential.

On this occasion we will give you some steps to follow to achieve a perfect, well-lit and natural makeup that you can achieve without being an expert with makeup.

Step 1: Clean and Exfoliate the face.

Cleanliness is very important when treating your face. It is recommended to do it at night before going to sleep and in the morning when you get up. Washing with water is not enough, it is also necessary to use some lotion or cream. It is also not recommended to use very hot water because it dries out the skin. Exfoliating the skin is a step that you should not overlook before applying makeup. This procedure helps remove impurities from the face, removes dead cells and opens the pores.

Light reflects better on a soft, smooth surface, the same goes for the skin. A gentle exfoliation leaves the face like a smooth, even canvas.

Step 2: Moisturize facial skin.

Hydration is an essential step before proceeding with makeup, a juicy face reflects light better.

Makeup does not work miracles as is often said, but it can significantly improve a face, as long as it is given the necessary care and processes to achieve a good result.

Moisturizing your skin daily is the secret to obtaining a smooth, luminous, and youthful complexion for longer. It is a habit that you should not stop doing. The key is to look for a highly moisturizing day cream with particles with pearly reflections.

Step 3: Apply a Concealer.

Once the skin is clean and hydrated, the concealer is applied, this is an essential cosmetic to unify the skin tone and hide the imperfections of the skin that reduce vitality, such as dark circles.

The concealer is one of the best products to illuminate the face, it is ideal to use in the morning to look radiant and rested.

It is applied under the eyes with the help of the fingertips, giving light touches, trying to perfectly integrate the product with the skin tone. Try to choose a concealer that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone to help highlight and illuminate your skin.

After this we must place the makeup base for a perfect finish and that different textures are not noticeable.

Step 4: The Illuminator.

The moment of the application of the illuminator can vary from one makeup to another. It is usually placed after the base and before the concealer or can also be used instead of the latter.

To achieve a more natural result, the textures of the base and the illuminator must match. The particularity of the highlighter is that it contains particles to reflect clarity, give more vitality to the features and create an optical effect.

The essential step is to place it in the areas that naturally reflect light, although it is necessary to avoid highlighting wrinkles or spots because the shine will accentuate the defects. You can choose a liquid or powder formula.

The illuminator should be applied in the following points:

At the top of the cheekbones. On the wings of the nose. In the center of the forehead. On the outside of the eyes, to enlarge the look. On the brow bone. Above the upper lip and in the center of the chin.

Step 5: Apply the Blush.

Blush is another beauty product that you should incorporate into your makeup, to give life and a touch of color to your face, and you can use it as a powder or cream.

After applying the concealer, the base and having illuminated your face, you can complete the makeup by adding blush to your cheeks, if you have fair skin use pink tones and if your complexion is dark opt for peach tones.

The perfect way to apply it is to position the brush on the apple of your cheeks and gently take it towards the side of the hundred and that’s it.

You should know that cream blushes or blushes are spectacular to illuminate the face and offer a longer duration.

If you want your face to look brighter and fresher, add extra shine to your lipstick with a transparent gloss or in bright shades like pink and you will look perfect!

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