Women like to show off, especially showing off a healthy and beautiful face. For this, the eyebrows play a fundamental and very important role, apart from being aesthetic.

The eyebrows have very important functions for the face, such as protecting the eyes from rain, sweat, the effects of the sun, and dust. The eyebrows are the expression of the face and it is very personal, that is why they must be arranged and formed according to the shape of the face that one has. We know that the trend right now is to have thick and well-defined eyebrows. But not everyone is lucky enough to have that type of eyebrows. That’s why more than following trends, you have to define them naturally.

To show off natural and voluminous eyebrows, these tips can be very useful.

Brush and trim your eyebrows.

This is a very important and effective trick. Use a special brush and comb your eyebrows upwards and with scissors cut the tips, eye!!! Just a little, without exaggeration. This will help your eyebrows grow faster. Combing the eyebrows helps their growth, in addition to this way loose or loose hairs will be removed. It also has an aesthetic touch because they will look prettier.

Create your own mask with coconut oil.

Did you know that coconut oil is great for the beauty routine, it is already an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Use the mask bottle that you no longer use, wash them very well and fill them with coconut oil. Use it daily to comb your eyebrows, this will make your eyebrows look perfect and also make them grow strong and healthy. You must remove the excesses from your eyebrows every three days or so so that it does not lose its shape and stays clean.

Pluck your eyebrows correctly.

The most recommended way to pluck and fix your eyebrows is by removing hair by hair. This can be boring and tiring, but it is the best option since it is uprooted and thus takes much longer to grow. Do not completely plucked your eyebrows, in addition to being in bad taste it can be dangerous. Replacing it with a marker pen doesn’t look good at all.

It is also recommended to pluck your eyebrows after a shower with warm or hot water. In this way the pores will be open and you will avoid redness. You must take care of the elements to be used, that they are clean and in good condition, otherwise it can cause an infection.

Use creams or toners.

After plucking your eyebrows, you should apply some tonic to moisturize them and make them look good. This will prevent irritation and possible infections. You can smooth your eyebrows with a little moisturizing cream and they will stay in place for a long time.

Fill in your brows.

There are types of eyebrows with a small amount of hair, and they are left with spaces. In these cases they can be filled with a pencil if you want them to look a little thicker. But the entire eyebrow should not be painted. You must paint small lines like imitating the hairs one by one, so they will look more natural. To achieve this effect try to use a pencil two shades lighter than your hair.

Eyebrows are not twin sisters.

The eyebrows do not have to be exactly the same between them, the symmetry is nice but very difficult to achieve, do not worry if you cannot do it. The important thing is to always respect its natural form and that it is proportionate to each other.

Would you like to know how to grow eyebrows naturally?

Then don’t miss these homemade tricks with natural products and oils. They are great!

Three-oil lotion: There are not many home remedies to grow eyebrows, but this lotion is very effective and easy to do. You only need one tablespoon of olive oil, one of castor oil, and one of almond oil. Mix these ingredients very well in a bowl. Apply it on your eyebrows carefully, wait about 20 minutes, and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat the process twice a week and you will notice the change.

Egg yolks: Being high in protein, egg yolks can help your eyebrows grow. For this you must beat the yolk of an egg and apply on the eyebrows, after an hour remove it with plenty of warm water.

Raw or fresh milk: Fresh or raw milk has amazing qualities to grow eyebrows. Just moisten a cotton ball in a little milk and rub your eyebrows. Do it regularly at night and you will have great results.

Remedies with aloe vera: the properties of aloe vera are immense and well known. On this occasion, take a little gel from a freshly cut leaf and place it on your eyebrows with gentle massages, let it rest for 30 minutes and then rinse with plenty of natural water.

Lemon:lemon is a great alternative solution for eyebrow growth. All you have to do is cut a slice of fresh lemon and rub it all over your brows for 4-5 minutes. And then rinse and done.

Vaseline: Vaseline is an excellent ally for your eyebrows due to its nourishing and moisturizing properties. Massage your eyebrows with a large amount of Vaseline cream two to three times a day. This will help in the growth of the eyebrows and they will look strong and healthy.

As you can see, showing off perfect eyebrows is not very difficult, you just have to apply some of these tips. In case you want to make them up, try to use good quality products, they are a little more expensive but it will be worth the investment since you will avoid possible infections or allergic reactions.

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