One of the great problems of sentimental relationships is when he and she want something different, either because they are in different vital moments or because of their own way of being.

An extra complication can also arise: when a woman loves a man or feels very attracted to him, she can ignore certain signs that clearly indicate that he does not want anything serious, since the feelings “mask” them. Sometimes, the warnings of family and friends are ignored, generating situations that can bring emotional conflicts and painful situations.

The signs

A person can want something very different in a relationship: between a love forever and a one night stand, all options are possible.

At the moment it seems that fleeting relationships with hidden intentions are more numerous and it is difficult to know when a man is serious with us. They may all be gentlemen and seem like “the one” or “the perfect guy”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re looking for a serious relationship: maybe they just want a sneaky hookup or something on the side.

It is not uncommon for a woman to be deceived by sweet words and her “beau” gets what she wanted and disappears.

Experiences of this type, unfortunately very common, must develop in us a “sixth sense” to be alert and to be able to detect these false suitors. We must not fall into the attitude of, due to a painful experience, not wanting to meet anyone else and close ourselves off from the possibility of finding true love: not all men are the same and “want the same”, some are really looking for a relationship with a future. .

Identifying these men who really want something serious with you can be difficult, but it is possible, since there are small details that indicate it. Here are some of them.

1- When a man wants something serious with a woman, he shares with her his dreams and goals. This is a very powerful test, because if he does not want to get emotionally involved and is only looking for something casual, he would never talk about what he wants for the future..

2-Related to the above: if he tells you how he would like his family to be in the future, he really has a bond with you.

3- Just as he tells you his most intimate projects and desires, he is also interested in yours and listens carefully. At the same time, he is present in your smallest and daily needs and he makes himself available to you. What’s more, you know that in case of any inconvenience you face, you can count on him.

4- Sometimes, he just looks at you for a few seconds and then laughs nervously. That speaks of his strong feelings towards you, so strong that he cannot express them in words and he shows them that way, he looks at you like a dream come true and it is a very different look from the one that only wants you for “something quick” and without affective commitment. He attends the glances of him and you will know it.

5- If he insists on accompanying you to your house and does not allow you to do it alone under any circumstances, it means that he really loves you and wants something serious and lasting with you. By worrying about his safety, he shows it to you and also, it is a way to spend more time with you (and many times he tells you).

6- Normally he sends you good morning or greeting messages just because, without any special reason. It is not to start a conversation or talk about a specific topic, he does it because he is thinking of you and he shows it that way.

7- He surprises you with a spontaneous invitation for lunch or a drink at any time. He can surprise you at your work or home with this surprise, just because he wants to be with you. As a special element, it takes you to “that” place that you had mentioned as passing by, be it a restaurant or a more informal pizzeria.

8- As he likes to see you happy, he always looks for a way to make you laugh and have fun times. In this way, he also shows that he wants to strengthen ties with you beyond the physical plane and that he definitely points to something more serious, since friendship is the basis of a lasting and solid relationship.

9- The man who wants something serious with a woman, is very attentive to details and usually makes significant gifts, not necessarily from the material. For example, I hear as I pass by that a book by your favorite author or a CD with your favorite music is coming out: he will do the impossible for you to have it. This means that he is really attentive to what you want and he wants to please you always.

10- If he dedicates songs, poems, letters and other romantic demonstrations to you, it means that he is in love and bets on a serious relationship with you. All these expressions are a way to show his feelings.

11-When a man is looking for a meaningful relationship, he does not press and takes things in a way that is comfortable for both of them. On the other hand, if he only wants something circumstantial he is insistent and pushes to achieve his goals, he does not seek to CONVINCE but to WIN because he is not really interested in you as a person, but as a fleeting conquest. The man who is really in love with you will never pressure you to do something you don’t want.

12- Physical contact is also an index of what the man with whom you have a relationship really wants. If he is looking for something serious, any physical contact is respectful and delicate: a greeting, holding your hand to get in or out of the car, a kiss on the cheek, even when dancing, he does everything with total respect for you and what you feel. , not starting without your permission.

Who wants something serious does not look for excuses to avoid you and on the contrary, does everything possible to spend more time with you. He always makes it clear to you that he wants to meet you and prolongs the hours you spend together, also telling you about him so you can get to know him.

Analyze your current relationship and if these aspects occur, congratulations!

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