It is no secret to anyone that any man likes to have by his side an intelligent, fun girl with a sense of humor, ready to live adventures, with a touch of sensuality and mischief, in short, a complete woman in every way. .

But then: Why are girls who meet all these qualities still alone?

The answer is that such a complete woman intimidates men, it does not mean that it is bad, but at a certain point it is a bit uncomfortable for women since men see them as unattainable and even feel less before so many women.

To intimidate means to frighten. Although women do not play with fear, they can have that effect on men. The characteristics of this type of woman are based on the combination of intelligence and character.

Women who intimidate men are self-confident and this is projected outwardly leaving men out of the game.

These are some characteristics that denote that you intimidate a man:

1. If he looks away from you.

Nonverbal behavior is worth a thousand words. One way to tell if you’re really intimidating a man is to look him straight in the eye and see if he looks away from you and isn’t able to hold it, he’s probably intimidated by you.

2. When you are very smart.

Men are intimidated by a woman who is constantly demonstrating her intelligence and culture, because they run the risk of feeling inferior.

With this we never mean that men prefer them rough, but if what you want is not to intimidate that boy too much, it would be better not to show all that intelligence at once so as not to make them back down immediately.

3. For your stunning beauty.

Raise your hand the man who has not ever wanted to have a woman endowed with stunning and incredible beauty by his side, but the truth is that a large percentage of guys do not even get close to a woman with these qualities, because she is so pretty that makes her seem unattainable. They are simply intimidated and do not take the step, hence the saying “the luck of the ugly ones the pretty ones wish for it”.

4. When you are self-sufficient.

Although they appreciate a confident woman, they also like to feel useful and part of something, if you are an independent woman, sure of yourself and self-sufficient to do what you want without the need for a man to intervene, we congratulate you.

But possibly he feels intimidated and out of place, thinking “well, she doesn’t need a man”. Let him know that you are independent, but that from time to time you like to be helped.

5. When he gets nervous.

This is one more way to know if you intimidate that boy. It may happen that he gets anxious while he talks to you or that he doesn’t even dare to ask you out because they think you’re too much for him.

When a guy asks out a girl he finds too cute or interesting, it’s normal for him to feel nervous and it shows at a glance.

6. When they disappear after the first few dates.

Although it seemed that everything was going well, your character is probably somewhat strong and he feels that he cannot carry a relationship with you. There is nothing wrong with you, in reality you are a woman with an overwhelming personality and that intimidates some men.

If you are one of the girls who intimidate, surely it has happened to you that after several dates, suddenly he stops writing to you and answering your calls.

7. When your appearance and gaze indicate “don’t come near me.”

There are times that just by looking at you a man can feel intimidated by you, because you look inaccessible.

Your body attitude and your clothing can communicate to others that you are a very busy woman and that it is better not to approach you.

8. When your friends confirm it to you.

Comments like, “I never would have gotten close to you, but when I finally met you, I realized you were cool” can help you figure out if you’re bullying others.

Just by talking to your friends you can tell if you are a person who bullies others. They can tell you what they felt the first time they saw you.

If your friends, family or colleagues say that you are a person who bullies others, they can help you see how you pass it on. It is important to be a strong and free woman but you should not put on a big shield that makes you inaccessible.

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