Libra is the seventh among the twelve signs of the zodiac. Men born between September 23 and October 22 are said to have the Libra sun sign. Decisive, charming, and a bit of a rogue : that’s the Libra man, at least on the surface. However, there is something else to this man that makes him worth pursuing and trying to keep him once he catches him.

If you want to know how to make a Libra man fall in love, you should know that Libra men are perfectionists and are always looking for the perfect partner. Once he believes he has found true love, he always remains faithful and loyal to his wife. He is a convinced monogamist.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Conquering a Libra man: discover his character
  • 2 How to seduce a Libra man: 4 fatal mistakes
  • 3 How to conquer a Libra man: 4 winning movements
    • 3.1 1. Unleash your romantic side
    • 3.2 2. Surprise him
    • 3.3 3. The tip of the scale: a role that belongs to you
    • 3.4 4. Don’t leave him alone
    • 3.5 What the Libra man wants in love
  • 4 How to know if a Libra man is in love with you
  • 5 Do you want to know more about how to make a Libra man fall in love?

Conquering a Libra man: discover his character

To  fall in love with a Libra man , you must first know who you are dealing with.

First of all, it is important to focus on the term pound. It is a word that embodies balance, justice and consideration. And indeed, the Libra man is like that. It is distinguished from other signs of the zodiac by being calm, serene and, above all, fair.

In fact, the Libra man, even within the relationship, prefers to talk and reason, rather than argue furiously. For him, the achievement of harmony and happiness is a “fixation”, in any area of ​​life.

In addition, the Libra man is a  skilled speaker  , he is interested in speeches of a certain depth but, at the same time, he always makes everyone feel comfortable. Men born between September and October are also very inclined to teamwork  and group work  , as long as there are no constant disputes and confrontations within them.

In love, the Libra man embodies everything that a woman would like to have by her side. He is patient, loyal, cautious, and most of all,  very attentive to his relationship with  her. For him there is nothing more beautiful than living a true and authentic love story, which perhaps, who knows, could lead to a marriage.

How to seduce a Libra man: 4 fatal mistakes

Well, now that you have an idea of ​​who you are, let’s move on to an equally important topic: mistakes to avoid. 

As you might have guessed, the Libra man is very, very  balanced  . In other words, he always tries to find the right compromise, the middle ground that suits everyone. However, the moment he is attacked or criticized, his sense of balance becomes precarious, as  he feels betrayed  .

At the same time, however, she avoids letting him know how  resentful she is  . Unfortunately, the Libra man hardly ever overlooks something that really bothers him. But you, who know this aspect, try not to highlight it too much.

Another mistake you shouldn’t make is trying to  “segregate” your balance man in the house  . As we will see better shortly, he is a social animal, and he could not be with a lazy woman without any desire to do so.

Lastly, and this is especially true when you’re with friends or acquaintances,  don’t ask the Libra man to take your side  just because you’re together. If you find yourself in a discussion, it will try to calm the waters, but also listening to the version of the other interlocutor.

How to conquer a Libra man: 4 winning movements

Now there is no escape: from now on we will focus only on the  best techniques  that will be used to conquer a Libra man. Unlike other signs of the zodiac, it is nothing transcendental or excessively complex. Many of these techniques will come naturally to you, especially when feelings get in the way.

1. Unleash your romantic side

In order to win a Libra man and be able to keep him by your side, you will have to commit to being romantic. Yes, men born between September and October are  true romantics  .

The Libra man loves  surprises  , he loves spending time with his partner and is always looking for hugs, caresses and  effusions . To seduce a Libra man, therefore, try to be original, organizing an unexpected outing, giving him something that you know he might like and, above all, making him  feel your presence  .

2. Surprise him

Don’t worry, I’m not here to repeat what I just told you a while ago. By “surprise him,” in fact, I mean anything but. You should know that the Libra man is a lover of beauty and refinement, and we are not only talking about the places he frequents, but  also about his partner  .

From time to time, present yourself with a new look, with a hairstyle that you do for important occasions and, perhaps, with clothes that highlight your feminine lines. It may seem trivial to you, but  the  Libra  man is really attracted to beauty  , and if you are determined to conquer it, you should also focus on the aesthetic side.

3. The tip of the scale: a role that belongs to you

Although the man with the scales is a balanced and thoughtful being, on the other hand he is also characterized by a certain  indecision  . This side of the character manifests itself especially when it comes to decisions of “minor importance”, but that in the long run can be disconcerting.

A Libra man will find it difficult to choose the restaurant to go to dinner, the movie to see in the cinema and whether to eat meat or fish. In these cases, therefore,  he is prepared  , exposes his ideas and is open to talk about what is the best option to consider. In short, don’t leave him at the mercy of his indecision.

4. Don’t leave him alone

Finally, the last point you will need to consider in order to win over a Libra man is  company  . Yes, these men hate spending time alone, especially when they have started dating or already have a partner.

As a result, put your heart at ease, because your Libra man won’t mind letting you know that he wants to  spend a lot of time with you  . At times, however, this side of his character can be too intrusive.

So, in order not to offend him, try to explain to him that from time to time you just  need your space  , and not because you don’t feel comfortable with him, but because “that’s just how you are”. Believe me, no further explanation is necessary.

What is the stereotype? He loves ultra feminine women, brilliant minds, classic looks, and appreciating (or participating in) the arts.

They often have a devilish charm and an instinct for making women, in particular, feel appreciated. To pique her interest, she finds out what fascinates her and starts conversations about it. She plans first dates in stimulating settings to talk, like museums, cultural centers and festivals.

What the Libra man wants in love

He’s an air sign, so the key to knowing if this is a coincidence is to discover his mind . Libra men are attracted to outgoing and fun women. They want partners with whom they can connect both intellectually and emotionally.

Being on the same wavelength in terms of concerns is what creates the foundation. His leanings are toward a refined life, and he’s probably a bit metrosexual. That doesn’t mean he’s not manly or nervous; Libra actors Viggo Mortenson and Clive Owen come to mind.

To know how to make a man fall in love and especially the Libra man , you should know that they are very romantic, so if you have planned a romantic date, fill the atmosphere with romance. Plan a candlelit dinner for the two of you at your home or in an expensive restaurant with soft music, dim lights, and good food. Giving small gifts and flowers to Libra men is also a good way to please them.

Libra men are very conscious of beauty and style, it is very important that you dress well on your dates. Therefore, if you want to attract a Libra man , you have to be especially careful with the way you dress.
Libra men love to hear others praise themselves and the best way to fall in love with them is to shower them with compliments. They love to be flattered and it also helps to improve their self esteem. They love women who are attractive and confident. They like women who are strong and dominant in a relationship.
Aside from his passion and romantic mannerisms, another great reason to date a Libra is because he’s incredibly calm, charming, and peaceful . His charming demeanor will seem to draw you in, while his intellectual conversations will keep you enthralled for hours on end.
When a certain problem arises in the relationship, you will not find in the Libra man a person who judges you or becomes unpleasant. In fact, Libra will remain calm even in the most intense situations and will find ways to deal with it in a peaceful way, always avoiding unpleasant words or comments that would hurt his woman.
In short, a Libra man is a very charming person who loves to attend high-class social situations. He is always looking for the most beautiful things in life, and that includes his lovers. He needs a beautiful, intelligent and elegant woman who also enjoys the finer things in life.
He doesn’t like to argue (never), and therefore requires a woman who can keep her cool even in the most difficult situations. Being a man that he loves to love, he falls in love quickly and doesn’t want to play. When he gets into a relationship, he is there for a long time and will give everything to make sure there is a smile on his woman’s face.

How to know if a Libra man is in love with you

When Libra is completely in love with the person they are in a relationship with, they are completely transformed. This zodiac sign is always romantic, but when he has found his true love it is even more so.

In fact, there are those who consider him too cheesy a person… and he makes them run away! But Libra as a couple is also a retailer and attends to the love affairs that have fascinated him. Also, Libra is always very  open to love.

This zodiac sign is  very sensitive  and has the ability to get under the skin of the person in front of him. He is a calm and balanced person in love  , so he always tries to avoid any fight with his partner. They usually don’t have too many mood swings, which encourages calm and stable relationships.

Do you want to know more about  how to make a Libra man fall in love ?

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