On many occasions at the end of a very good round of sex we wonder if we were up to what our partner expected, many doubts arise after the sexual act, especially if it is the first time we do it with a new partner.

In the end, what ends up happening is that from so much thinking: “Will I do it right?”, “Do you like this?” or any other thought we end up stressing. We tense up and avoid relaxing.

This stress that can invade us is very counterproductive for us to have a good relationship, this is because we are so focused on stimulating him that we forget about ourselves. Making love should be something that makes both parties feel great.

That is why today in this article I want to tell you a few recommendations to Make Love to a Man and leave him asking for more. In addition, I will also give you some tricks to be the best lover your boy has ever had and at the end of the post I recommend you watch the video that will give you the definitive keys to becoming a true Goddess of Sex.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Managing the nerves and stress of making love to a man
    • 1.1 Confidence when making love to a man
    • 1.2 How to please a man in bed
    • 1.3 How to be a good lover
    • 1.4 Oral Sex
  • 2 The 2 Essential Sexual Postures to Make Love to a Man.
      • 2.0.1 The Puppy
  • 3 Do you want to know more about how to drive any man crazy in bed?

Managing the nerves and stress of making love to a man

The first thing that I see necessary to mention is that we are talking about making love to a man , this means that these tips and tricks may not work with the guy you got one night in a bar, this is because making love does not It’s just having sex, it goes much further.

To start managing your nerves, you must know that both you and he are going to be nervous, no matter how many times they did it before, that moment when you know that the game is going to start, you feel rich nerves. Just breathe and let go and take it to him, so both will enjoy.

Confidence when making love to a man

There is nothing that attracts us girls more than a man sure of himself, but this also happens with boys. A confident, happy girl with a lot of self-esteem attracts them, many times more than a pair of legs or large breasts.

When it comes to having a relationship, trust and communication are very important, especially in the sexual act. Having confidence with your partner allows you to explore him and yourself, little by little you learn those points that drive him crazy and with which he will not say no.

How to please a man in bed

Many girls believe that when men finish and ejaculate that’s it, the truth is that it’s not and many times ejaculation is not accompanied by orgasm.

Something fundamental so that you can please your boy and give him the best orgasm of his life is to make him wait. Have a lot of foreplay before you jump into making love to him, play with his penis, kiss him and his friend, tempt him a lot. Change rhythms when you handle the situation, go fast and then slow, stop and kiss him. The more foreplay you do, the more pleasurable it will be to make love to a man .

how to be a good lover

To be the best lover that your boy has had the fortune to run into, you must know him very well, know his weak points. The latter are divided into two: those in which he is excited and those that tickle him.

My current boyfriend finds ribs a lot of laughs, so from time to time I start teasing him with tickles and go on to kiss him, until finally I bite his ears and that kills him and leaves him ready for what comes next.

Communication is also important for making love to a man , don’t be afraid to ask if he likes something you do or not. Ask him what he would like to do to him, sometimes some guys are shy and don’t want to ask their partners for something.

oral sex

Another great tip for you to be the perfect lover is to give her oral sex, the boys love it and more if you are the one who takes the initiative. Something that also attracts a lot is that you are the one who sends.

The 2 Essential Sexual Postures to Make Love to a Man.

The doggy

This sexual position gives the man a feeling of dominance and with which he achieves a deep and pleasurable penetration. It is also perfect for women as it stimulates the G-spot as it encourages greater friction than other postures. It can be performed lying down, sideways, standing or the most traditional as it appears in the photo on the right.

The Inverted Horseman 

This sexual position is also loved by men since they make the minimum effort. Get on top of him but with your back to him. You are in control and must move up and down. He will get very excited when he sees your butt and how his penis goes in and out of your vagina. Also when you have an orgasm you will see how your anus contracts and the excitement of it will increase.

Do you want to know more about how to drive any man crazy in bed?

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