All women want our partner to think of us, to miss us and to be aware of the relationship without this interfering with their daily lives, of course. If you have noticed that your partner does not miss you as much as you miss him or if you simply want him to pay more attention to you, then the following tricks will be of great help to become someone unforgettable for your partner.

Remember that it is always good to show our feelings when we are in a relationship, but if you are not receiving the same in return, and this causes you to doubt your partner’s feelings, then you need to rethink it as a couple issue. , thinking not only about what he or she can improve, but you could also think about what you can do to motivate your partner to be a little more effusive in showing you that he misses you.

For the above, it is basic to provoke him to actually miss you, so with that intention we present you with 8 tips to achieve this goal.


This is a custom that should not go out of style. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis message is that he knows what he is missing by not being with you and that he wants to come immediately. All women generally know what a man finds irresistible and how to motivate him to want to be with us. Some ideas for these messages are: reminding her of how much fun they had last night, how good her kisses feel, what you would like to do to her as soon as you see each other, among others.


When you go out with your friends you send the signal of being an independent woman, which will make your partner know that he is not dating a woman who is going to drag himself for him, but that you are an empowered woman and free to do what you want. when you’re not with him, instead of waiting forever. You also indirectly tell him that if he doesn’t rush to make plans with you, you’ll already be busy making plans with your friends.

The above will motivate him to be more attentive to what you are going to do in order to be considered in your plans.


This is something that has been replaced by text messages, but it is very romantic that you give him a note and put it in his jacket pocket, or inside the lunch he will take to work. It is better that you hide it and that he finds it by surprise in the middle of his workday. This will certainly be infallible so that I miss you.

It should not necessarily include text, if you are better with images, photos or drawings, then it is good that you explore other ways of communication. So exploit your skills so that you can deliver a message that makes him remember you, makes him want to spend time with you and reaffirms what you feel for him. It should be noted that when you write or draw it, make sure that it is a clear message for him and that he will understand it.

It is very common that the obligations of daily life make it difficult for us to share with our partner at least from Monday to Friday, which is why we recommend planning a passionate weekend where they can be alone on Saturday and Sunday. .

All you need to do is tell her clearly what the plans are going to be and you will notice that she cannot wait for the day you are together. Maybe he even contributes to your plans and wants to do something special on his own.


If you are looking for an effective method to make him miss you, it is to stop writing or calling him so often. It depends on how often you did it previously. If it was every day or three times a day, then try to decrease the frequency calculated to see if he writes to you more or tries to match the previous frequency. Although it may not be immediate, we guarantee that at some point he will notice the difference and take the initiative to start calling or writing to know how you are.


Men in general are very visual, so an effective way to make him miss you is to send him a picture of you. In this image you can look very hot, it can also be a little more casual or where you go out fun.

However you go out, the ideal is that you convey the message that this photo is for him and that it reminds him of how much fun he has by your side.

Although this may seem difficult, because you are probably very much in love and used to running to the cell phone every time he calls or writes to you. Doing this is necessary so that you know that he misses you and that he is also willing to insist. For this it is essential that you take a while to answer the cell phone or the message. You also show him that you have things to do in your life and that you cannot always answer him.


We all know that men love a good perfume, it makes them go crazy, so take advantage of smearing objects with your scent, for example: you can leave a little scent at home, you can also leave a handkerchief, a scarf or a coat that contains your essence.

Keep in mind that every time he feels it, he will automatically think of you and of being with you. Now that you have read these tips, we hope that they will be useful to you and that you use them when you need your partner to think more of you.

Keep in mind that this need may also be responding to internal conflicts, so try to consider the fact that it may be necessary to go to the root of the matter.

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