It is normal for the years to pass and the fire of passion to go out, a relationship of years wants to fall into monotony and simplicity, without realizing that this is wasting the stability of the marriage.

Thousands of men wonder what happens to the wife who seems distant and cold or moody and with little patience, but few question themselves to know what they have done to capture the attention of their beloved again. If you realize that the relationship with your wife becomes difficult, it is because it is time for you to analyze what to do to win her back, remember that love does not die overnight. It’s time to take note and see what to do to rekindle that beautiful relationship you had a few years ago.

1. Surprise her with a gift:

Let’s first opt ​​for the mother of conquest strategies “a nice detail” it doesn’t have to be expensive and presumptuous just by giving her something for no reason will make her heart beat again like when she was a teenager, every woman loves little gifts and even more so if it is not due to some event but rather it was simply born when you saw that object somewhere, either because it is her favorite color or it simply reminded you of her, whether it is a cute little dress that you would like her to wear for you , a jewel, a perfume, a bouquet of flowers, etc. Accompanied by a romantic note.

2. Ask her out:

After having given her a gift you can ask her out, a date for the two of you alone, where there are no children or responsibilities to distract you, turn off or put your cell phone on silent and during dinner pay all the attention you can. A woman loves to be the center of attention of her husband and with that attention she will feel very pampered. With that exit you are helping to put aside the monotony in which both fell and the concerns of the house, you can let her suggest the place so that she feels more comfortable and calm. Sometimes what she needs is not to go to a luxurious restaurant but to go for a walk holding your hand, give her the option to choose and that way she will know how important her decisions are to you.

3. Be chivalrous and romantic:

Every woman falls in love with an attentive, gentlemanly and romantic man, you have already sent a nice little gift, you have invited her out now be respectful and treat her like the queen she is, value the time she is dedicating to you outside of her distressing responsibilities, whether they are work or home and show off with her that night. Remember women have the memory of an elephant and it is better to leave a nice memory before spoiling a magical moment in the reconquest.

4. Give him love every day:

When you asked for the hand of that beautiful woman, you promised to take care of her, love her and respect her for the rest of your life, so keep that promise and don’t waste a single morning without telling her how much you love her when you see her by your side, give her all the kisses you born to you Love is built every day to be the empire you want. It is very important that she knows that your heart is hers alone and everything you do every day is for the growth and well-being of both of you and your children.

5. Take care of your personal appearance:

The years do not pass in vain for any of life, for this reason you must also take care of your appearance, she would appreciate it if you change the look you have been wearing for years for a more modern one, where you can see how mature you are but you are still being sexy for her. A good haircut, a stylized beard and outfits according to your age and elegance will leave her at your feet again. Do not forget to use that perfume that she loves and that she is passionate about every time you wear it.

6. Remember the things he liked about you when you were dating:

Emphasize those potentials you had when you were just starting out, whether it’s your sense of humor, your gestures to attract her attention, the calls at any time to the cell phone to talk about nothing and everything at the same time, she longs to see that silly little boy again and funny that I love her. Winning your wife back depends exclusively on you and the ideas that come your way, remember, no one knows her better than you, you know her likes and weaknesses, when they got married they took on very big responsibilities but that should not overshadow the love that is have.

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