It is time for your dignity to increase, your ex will notice it and it will be very difficult to resist a strong woman.

This is the million dollar question: What to do so that your ex misses you and begs to come back to you? It may seem complicated but it is not. When a love is really worth it, the woman must understand that more than clinging, what she must do is fight for it, but without putting her dignity on the ground, this simply scares men; What you should do when there is an argument and they end the relationship is to proceed sensibly and calmly.

It is confirmed that in this way the two will reconsider their attitudes and seek a solution to their relationship problems. Do not forget that a man loves to be with someone who values ​​himself.

The experts give the following recommendations, so that your ex partner returns to you, you must carry out these 3 phases.


If you are constantly texting him, expressing how much you miss him and how much you love him, this is wrong. There is definitely nothing worse than persisting in finding a way to talk to your ex right after the breakup.

Think about it. The negative feelings and emotions at the end of a relationship ruin everything else, forcing the partner to move away. If you don’t give talking and communicating a chance to rest after a relationship ends, then both of you will constantly be reminded of those unhealthy feelings and emotions that caused the relationship to end.

You must give him a chance to forget the trauma and negativity of the end of the relationship before you talk to him again, or all he can think about is how bad he felt at the end of the relationship. It is very difficult to miss someone who is constantly in your face, trying to connect. Try to give him space to miss you. Remember that without this phase, nothing will work.

Most people are attracted to what is out of their reach. This is key when it comes to making your ex miss you and ultimately win him back.

I know how difficult it can be to control yourself when you are in an emotional state and you miss him so much and you just want to reach him. But trust me, going contactless is worth the long-term benefits. It is absolutely essential to stop contacting him and never, ever beg him to get back together.

After doing this we go to the next one.


– You have to get in shape, this should be a priority.

I’ve got to make this clear: And I’m not saying you should have an ideal weight or strive to be a certain way in order to conform to some societal idea of ​​what’s right. I don’t mean this. I’m just being honest, men are more attracted to you when you’re in the best possible shape.

Exercises help a lot, being healthy is attractive, not being emaciated. Find a way to invest time in what you eat and add a little light to your routine. You will feel and look your best.

Go to the hairdresser, get a haircut. This will help you feel better about yourself. If you dress up well and bet on looking better, when you go out you will feel great. That’s what it’s about. See you and feel good.

– Take care.

Take care of your health, your well-being and make sure you take the necessary time for yourself. – Have fun.

Surely you have lost contact with certain friends, look for them and meet them, get out of the routine, meet new people and be yourself. Leave behind any sadness you possess and seek true fun. Laugh again, having a good time and being in the company of others will make you feel good.

Looking for the best of herself includes social networks. Exes constantly turn to our social networks to be informed about our steps. You can use this silent watch as a great way to make him long to be with you. Uploading some flattering photos, where you look happy and delighted with life. For this there are two parts in social networks:

Step 1. By nature men are visual creatures. Do you remember that looking better is part of this phase? Well, it extends to this part. Post a flattering image. Don’t post a profile picture of your dog or a picture of the beach. Simply post a picture of yourself where you look seductive so he realizes what he’s missing.

Step 2. Post a photo where you can see that you are having the best time. Instead of giving him the security of knowing that you are defeated without him.


In this last phase, it becomes more difficult to do things correctly. If you have already completed phase 1, you know that you should not write to him, in this way you can concentrate on the best space physically and mentally in which you can be.

At the same time, you’re giving yourself and your ex the space for the negativity of the breakup to melt away. In this way, he will remember how good they were together without those memories infected by the end of the relationship.

This stage is crucial. Well, you must unite everything you achieved from the first two phases of this plan and let him return to you.

After you have put into practice phases 1 and 2, you should feel a little better, you should work on yourself and look for other options in your love life. Once all of that comes together, it becomes tempting to reach out and contact him. After all, if you feel good, that’s the time you should approach him, right?

It is very good that you feel calmer, in the end it will be much more powerful if you allow me to contact you first.

If he does, it’s his idea rather than yours. It will feel like he is chasing you and trying to win you back. But if you get close to him, he might feel like you’re trying to manipulate him.

Phase 4 is very simple: sit back, keep working on yourself, look for other options in your love life, let him miss you and come back to you.

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