It is common that many women, when it comes to masturbating their partners, do not know exactly how to do it correctly and constantly wonder if what they are doing is really giving them maximum pleasure or if they could do it much better, as could be seen in a porn movie To clarify all your doubts about male masturbation, we have prepared this guide so that you know how to masturbate a man and make him melt with pleasure.

Tips to masturbate a man and reach orgasm

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made when masturbating a man is to see the penis as a whole, when, as happens with women, it has more sensitive areas than others that if you know them and know how to stimulate, you can get to any man to the stars.

On the one hand, we will have the trunk, which is generally the area that is most grabbed for masturbation. Although it is the one that has the least sensitivity, it is the one that usually stands out the most because in it you can see if the boy is excited or not, mainly due to his erection. One of the most sensitive areas that you will find is the glans, this being the area that crowns the penis. There are many studies that say that this area is the one with the most nerve endings , equaling the clitoris, although the difference is that the clitoris, being much smaller in size, has all that concentration of nerves in a very small space, while that in the case of the glans they are usually distributed more, but if what you want is for your boy to enjoy a good masturbation, what you should stimulate is this area and not another.

In the case, for example, of a fellatio, the most stimulated area is usually the glans, since the mouth and tongue will surround this area and therefore delight men, however, when you go to masturbating it, you have the failure of trying to stimulate or shake the trunk, leaving the most sensitive area intact and without friction. We advise you to have in mind what you like and how you like it to masturbate your man. That is, start slowly, calmly and smoothly, to awaken the excitement and gradually increase the pace and intensity.

Two other important parts of the male member are the frenulum and the foreskin. The foreskin which is the skin that surrounds the glans, while the frenulum is the one that unites these two parts, the foreskin and the glans.

How to masturbate a man with more pleasure

To begin with, you should know that you should never pull the foreskin down with force, since it will hurt a lot and the frenulum will suffer the consequences. Another issue that you should know to masturbate a man is that what they will like is not the simple fact of raising and lowering the foreskin, in the same way that a finger that enters and exits the vagina does not generate the same pleasure as if he goes in search of the G zone. In men, what really excites him is the passage, the caress of the foreskin with the glans , so you don’t have to completely unhood the penis, but even with a much lighter and smoother movement can make him feel more than if you do the full movement.

As in the female sector, what one man likes, another can be painful or even not like at all, so communication is very important, as well as the fact that you have eye contact with your partner. partner. If while you masturbate him you focus only on his penis, leaving aside other sensations, in the end the sensations may not be so intense and what you are looking for is maximum pleasure for him. For this reason, look him in the eye whenever you can, play and have fun without haste and pause, because in the end, you will get your prize.

Sometimes, this friction that you perform on the penis while you are masturbating means that it does not have as much lubrication and therefore, the sensation is not pleasant. For this, what you have to do is use a lubricant or even your own saliva, either pouring it into the palms of your hands, or performing a small fellatio to continue with your work. There are many different techniques to masturbate a man, but the most basic of all will work for everyone, which is to raise and lower the hand on the upper part of the penis, caressing the glans with the foreskin. In the event that the boy is circumcised, you will have to do the same, although it will be very important that you lubricate him more, since in this way he will be able to have more sensitivity in this area that will be drier.

If you want to continue impressing him while you masturbate him, you can start doing other techniques, playing with his member, either changing hands, rhythm, using both at the same time or even if you want and you are comfortable, with your mouth . In the latter case, what you can do to make him reach orgasm sooner is, while moving your hand up and down, hold the uppermost part of the glans with your lips, or even stimulate the frenulum with your tongue, either with small circles or simply stroking with the tip of the tongue.

The great forgotten of masturbation and many times of all sexual relations are the testicles. They also have sensitivity, so you can also play with them while you are manipulating the penis. You can masturbate him with one hand while, with the other, gently touch his testicles , with small caresses that will make him feel much better. Even, to reach maximum excitement, stimulate them with your mouth, something that will make them go crazy and want much more from you. The most important thing of all is that you experiment with your partner, communicate what you like most and what you least like, to know exactly how to get it right.

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