In sexual relations not everything is penetration and many women enjoy foreplay more than the act itself. For this reason, if you want to know how to masturbate a woman so that she reaches climax, we are going to give you some tips to do it, in addition to explaining step by step how to stimulate her so that the environment heats up every second and fire and passion in your meeting.

Tips for masturbating a woman

Before we start, we want to give you some tricks so you can go to bed with the lesson learned. It is important that you do things calmly, without nerves and above all very little by little. To turn on a woman you have to do it with a lot of patience, without rushing, you have to think that you should also enjoy seeing how each time the girl in question is getting hot, so enjoy the moment and take your time to make her vibrate of passion

In order for the woman to enjoy her sexual relations to the fullest, she must be lubricated, otherwise she will not feel as much pleasure. For this, it is essential that her intimate area is lubricated, either with her own fluids or with yours, such as saliva, and always with patience. Also on the market there are lubricants that have a cold heat effect that can help even more arousal.

A very common mistake is “going to the sack” for the vagina or the clitoris. You must stimulate these parts, but all in due time, since first you will have to pass your hand and fingers through the vulva and labia to go later to the area in question.

How to masturbate your wife so that she ejaculates

To get a woman to reach the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced in her life, you have to follow a few steps that, if you master them and know them, you can make any self-respecting girl lose her mind, although everything requires her technique and also her skills. little tricks. The first thing of all is to know what the woman in question likes, since what one likes, another may not do a bit of grace, so you have to grope, play and enjoywhile you do it. While you are masturbating, do not lose eye contact with the girl at any time, that is, you should recognize by her look, by her face, or even by her own body if what you are touching makes her warm up. one thousand. If so, you can play with that, stimulating other areas until you reach the one where you know you will have to work hard to achieve orgasm in your partner.

When we talk about female ejaculation and orgasm, the G-spot always comes to mind. This area should be stimulated when the woman is relaxed, and we have already done several foreplay before. The arousal must be correct, so if you notice that her intimate area is lubricated, you can begin to feel the G-spot. The first thing you should do is feel the entrance of the vagina, rubbing your fingers gently describing small circles so that, if you notice your wet fingers, you can introduce one inside the vagina. The most advisable thing is that you go little by little and do not introduce everything at once, because it can happen that the girl is surprised or even scared, so you will be cutting off the excitement and you will have to start again, not from scratch, but from outside so that everything returns to the levels before. Go playing little by little with your finger inside the vagina and when you see that it is the right moment, insert another one. Usually the easiest fingers to maneuver and give pleasure are going to be the middle and ring fingers. The direction of the fingers has to be with the tips upwards, that is,

How to masturbate a woman step by step

Once you have reached this point, you have to feel the G zone that is just in front of your fingertips. The woman will not feel more to reach the bottom of the vagina, being usual to hear that the important thing is not the length of the penis, but its caliber or thickness, since being wider it will be able to touch this area better in the vagina. where the G-spot is located.

First feel the G zone with your fingers, you will notice it near the pelvic bone, having to arch your fingers forward a little. Many women say that it is the same effect as when you are going to slice a jar of Nocilla or something like that, you insert your fingers towards the bottom, but flex them to bring more product towards you. Well, with women it’s the same, but without removing the fingers . You have to do this push-up, and start “scratching” that area, but always with the tips of your fingers and calmly and smoothly, having to increase the rhythm only when you reach orgasm. There are many women who at this point are going to guide you so that, when the time comes, you rub with much more impetus, making him reach the desired ejaculation.

One of the final important points to do a 100% job in your partner’s masturbation is that, if it is a multi- orgasmic girl , that is, when she has had one, if you continue a little longer, she can go back several times. , or if it is a woman who only has one orgasm at a time. In the first case, if so, you should continue, since this way you will make him come other times so you will help him see the stars and even the entire Universe, however, if he only has one orgasm, we recommend stop stimulating the area, because it becomes extremely sensitive and may even hurt a bit if you keep massaging it that way.

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