Female masturbation has always been a taboo, however, in recent years different studies have been discovered in which it is confirmed that it is not only beneficial, but also recommended, since it helps women to know more about their body, knowing exactly where to touch to have the maximum possible pleasure. In this guide you will discover how to masturbate and feel a lot of pleasure, so that you can put it into practice right now and apply it, if you wish, in your future sexual relationships.

Benefits of masturbation in women

To begin with, we want to highlight the advantages or benefits that masturbation has on women, since, at first, it was something impure, that women should not touch themselves to obtain pleasure, but this is already something of the past, and Those women who enjoy  their sexuality more  are those who have previously experienced the art of masturbation or who continue to do so, either touching themselves with their hands or even using some type of sex toy to receive said pleasure.

One of the great benefits of masturbation is that you will know exactly what you like and what you don’t. Unlike the man, who usually has a way of obtaining pleasure, which is through the stimulation of the penis, many factors and many areas play a role in women, which, managing to dominate them, can reach orgasm, as they tell us. the professionals of SevillaCitas.com, with a very high intensity. You should also know that many women who have never reached orgasm in a sexual relationship have not achieved it by masturbating either, since they have not done so.

When you practice masturbation, you get to  know your own body , thus achieving that when you are with your partner, that area is stimulated, either because you take control of the act, or because you ask this person with the That you are doing one thing or another so that the area that excites you the most is stimulated to reach more orgasm.

Tips to masturbate and feel more pleasure

The essential thing is that you can find a time to relax and enjoy what you are doing. The rush is not good and for this reason you will have to have your time for yourself. In the event that you live with your parents, it is advisable to look for those parts of the day in which you can be alone at home, since this requires your time and dedication. We recommend that you do not get overwhelmed at all, since it is something that even professionals have been slow to discover in their first experiences and that everything goes step by step.

Once you have psyched yourself up that you should experience your body calmly, and that there is no rush to enjoy what you are doing, the next thing will be to go from less to more. There are women who have never reached orgasm thinking that they should stimulate the vagina more, however, it has been proven that the vast majority do so by  stimulating their clitoris, so you will have to start in this area. First go touching it, feeling it calmly, and then massage it with small gestures, you can also play with the pressure, pressing a little more or a little less, depending on what you feel. This, when you have mastered it, will help you to follow the rhythm in the sexual relationship that you have with the other person, so that when you feel the need to squeeze more to reach orgasm, you do it or if you want to prolong the pleasure more, continue with more softness.

One of the key tips is that you do not always stay with a  type of masturbation  or gesture thinking that with that you already know everything. It is very important that you continue experimenting with your body, that you try new positions, both when you are with your partner and solo masturbating, since this will make you discover new sensations in your body that will make you explore and know how to feel much more pleasure than usual. that you had originally experienced. Once you know how to reach orgasm, you can always delay it little by little so that the moment of climax, when it comes, is an explosion of pleasure that will leave you ecstatic.

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