The mobile phone is a device that can be used for many different activities, from contacting friends, watching series or movies, shopping without the need to have a credit card at hand and, of course, to masturbate, being one of the most used methods in recent years for this purpose.

Gone is having to connect to the computer to different pages to watch erotic videos and what to say about when at night on certain channels, especially in the premises, content of this type could be viewed for those who wanted a moment of intimacy. In this article we are going to teach you how to masturbate with your mobile as well as spicy applications that will help you to this end.

Tricks to masturbate with the mobile

The mobile can be a perfect instrument to masturbate, being something different, but at the same time very fun that will help you to experience other sensations different from those of your hands or your fingers. In the case of men, the most common thing will be to be able to enter different pages to view either videos or hot images and thus  recreate yourself while you masturbate . It is a fantastic way since you can do it anywhere, either in your room at night, in the living room when there is no one or even in the bathroom, but remember to turn down the sound of your mobile if you are with someone at home , it is not going to be that they listen to the moans of the porn actors.

On the other hand, in the case of women, the sex professionals in Burgos69 tell us that a perfect and very economical way to masturbate with a mobile phone is using the vibrator mode. For this, the only thing you need is to program the alarm every minute and eliminate the sound, but leaving the vibration function. You will fully enjoy the experience and if you want to feel different stimuli, try changing the vibration style, it will be very fun.

Spicy apps to masturbate


The first app that can help you masturbate is Kindu. In it you will not see scantily clad people, since what this application seeks is to make you imagine and give you ideas to be able to masturbate, although you will have to think of these ideas. That is to say, it is an application in which you will create a series of cards in which you can write different methods of masturbation that you have read before, either with one hand or with the other, passing your hands under your legs, squatting, among other modalities that you can investigate online. Once you have filled out about ten or twenty cards, when you want to masturbate all you have to do is open the application and at that moment it will recommend one to do, so each day you can get a different one.


Here is an application for you to go to the mess directly, we find Pornhub, one of the most used erotic content pages worldwide and that has a huge number of videos of  countless themes . If you want to have all the videos at your fingertips, all you have to do is download your mobile application, thus achieving quick and trouble-free access to the content that most attracts you. If you register to this platform you can save those that put you the most to see them again and again.


Finally we are going to show you a very useful application and if you think that you masturbate a lot and all the time, it can make you control yourself or even allow you to view your records. This is  Brainbuddy  in which you will be put to the test to check what you are capable of enduring without masturbating, even being able to set guidelines such as doing it once a week or even being much more resistant and not touching yourself until it has passed. a month or more. You can also have statistics of how long it takes to leave, among other benefits.

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