Below you will find 11 different techniques on how to touch your girl and give her intense orgasms. I will show you several techniques that focus on her clitoris and I will show you how to penetrate and massage her pussy with your fingers.

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By combining the tips of your fingers and how to lick her vagina, they will be useful things to give her the best organs of her life .

If you haven’t read these tips, then the techniques in this guide may not seem that impressive, but everything will change when you put them into practice with your sweet girl.

his anatomy

As a quick refresher, here is the external anatomy of a woman, also known as her vulva:

Vagina (Hariadhi). Wikimedia Commons.

How to masturbate your girl: the techniques

Before we dive into the subject, I just have one piece of advice for you…

While you are touching your girl and bringing her to orgasm, you should know her opinion about it. It is the only way to really know if you are pleasuring and satisfying her and that you are not hurting her. This is the key to being a good man in bed.

Now, let’s get to know these techniques

1. Rubbing her clit

The easiest way to give her an orgasm is to rub her clitoris.

Most women find that their clitoris is the most sensitive area and must be stroked, stimulated and rubbed if you want to easily bring her to orgasm by touching.

Additional note: Some women still struggle to reach orgasm from clitoral stimulation. But that’s normal, just like it’s normal for men to ejaculate after just a few minutes of sex…although I do have a free guide on how to last longer in bed in case you’re worried about how long you last.

Even if you don’t do anything else, rubbing her clit is enough to get most women to climax, as long as you get her in a good mood first as well as remove all negative thoughts so she can get aroused, and you also make sure she’s completely excited.

There are m ways or ways to rub your clitoris, as demonstrated in the examples above and below. You can rub up and down, side to side, or at another angle. It’s that easy. However, there are a few important things to make sure it’s enjoyable for her…

You will almost always need some kind of lubricant, otherwise it will feel more painful than pleasurable, so be careful (damn friction!). Also, the lubricant allows your finger or hand to move more easily. It’s like when you masturbate without lubricant versus with lubricant.

The ideal option is to lightly press your finger into her vagina and use her natural lubrication as a lubricant on your fingertip. If you feel your finger getting dry, simply go back into her vagina. However, this might not provide enough lubrication for some women.

Another tip is to keep a bottle of lube on your nightstand, though this should only be necessary if you’re having trouble getting aroused.

And by doing this, are you discovering what kind of touch or rub your girl responds to best?

Direct stimulation of her clitoris with your finger or indirect stimulation at the edge of her clitoris as in the previous images or somewhere in between?

Heavy or light pressure or somewhere in between?

Fast, slow or medium rub?

A combination?

As always, the key to really satisfying her is finding out what SHE enjoys, not blindly following these instructions, so make sure you get feedback from her, either by listening to her body or talking to her.

2. The clitoral hood

Some women have a clitoris so sensitive that it hurts when touched directly. If you are with a woman who has such a sensitive clitoris, then no matter how gently you rub it on her, you will hurt her and not please her.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. You just need to rub her clitoral hood instead. That’s the little bit of skin that covers your clitoris like your foreskin covers your penis. In this way, your clitoral hood acts as a kind of buffer between your finger and can still provide you with a great deal of pleasurable stimulation.

Just like your penis, her clitoris becomes erect when aroused.

3. Squeezing/massaging the base of her clitoris

You obviously know how sensitive the tip of her clitoris is. What you may not know is how far inside her body her clitoris extends.

So why not play with parts of her clitoris that usually get little attention by gently massaging and squeezing it?

Massaging or squeezing the base of your clitoris is easy, just place your thumb and index finger on either side of your clitoris. Then GENTLY press down and in so that you are “squeezing” the base of your clitoris between the surrounding folds of skin. Don’t squeeze the exposed part of her clitoris; This will hurt her!

Start by pressing very lightly and see how it reacts. Then increase or decrease the amount of pressure you use based on their feedback.

As I keep saying, the most important thing is to try and experiment with her and by getting her feedback you will be able to know what she likes.

4. Touching her lips

While your labia aren’t as sensitive as your clitoris, there are plenty of ways to touch and stimulate them.

Slowly rubbing them up and down, as in the diagram above, can bring her closer to orgasm without her climax, making for excellent foreplay.

For many women, when they climax from clitoral stimulation, their clitoris can become extremely sensitive and painful if you touch it right away, so you’ll want to avoid rubbing it for a few minutes. This makes her labia the perfect choice to focus on until her clitoris is back to normal and not so sensitive anymore. If your labia are long enough, you can also rub your clitoris through them if she’s too sensitive for direct stimulation.

Using her own natural lubrication or something from a bottle will make caressing her lips even more pleasurable for her.

5. Long and slow caresses

Stroking her from the bottom of her vagina to her clitoris is a great technique to please her. It’s also a great way to coat your finger with its natural lubrication. Again, you should try to vary your technique, change the amount of pressure you are using and how fast you move your finger. Also, feel free to stroke in the opposite direction, from her clitoris to her vagina.

Feel free to congratulate her when she likes it or feels good. Some women feel self-conscious and won’t say anything.

Lastly, you can use one finger, but you can use 2, 3 or as in the following technique…

6. Four funny fingers

If your partner needs more stimulation to orgasm, then the four fingers of fun should do it! All you will do is rub your four fingers over her clitoris, labia and vagina in a circular motion. Using her natural lubrication on your fingers will make it that much slicker, wetter and more satisfying for her.

As I keep repeating (like a broken record!), make sure you try to vary your technique to see what works best, whether it’s the amount of pressure you use, the size of your circles, and the number of fingers you use… two or three fingers. they may feel better, it’s just a matter of trying.

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7. Touching her G-spot

If you are only touching your girl’s vagina, you should know about the G-spot. The G-spot is one of the most sensitive spots inside her vagina; although, many women also find the A-spot quite stimulating.

Your G-spot is about two inches inside your vagina. You will find it on the front (anterior) wall. If you slide your fingers and curve around her pubic bone, you should find her G-spot. This spot is actually a place where you can access her clitoris internally. So when you rub her pussy on the inside and her clit on the outside, she’s enjoying it from both directions.

Her G-spot is key to making her ejaculate, and you can find more information in this guide to make her ejaculate.

How to play a cone internally

Whether you’re using G-spot stimulation or just want to rub her vagina in general, these tips can help.

Use lube. Make sure your nails are short and filed. The same goes for rough hands. Wash your hands to prevent the spread of bacteria, which can cause infections.

It starts with one finger. You can always add more (and some women like four fingers!) But you should give her time to get used to each finger as you rub her pussy internally.

Pay attention to their answers. If she tenses up, withdraws, seems disinterested, or is in pain, avoid certain things. If she moans, she breathes harder, moves closer to you or squirms, keep it up!

8. Hot buttons

Every girl is different, so her “hot buttons” or favorite ways to be touched may vary with all the women you’ve been with. The only way to find out how she likes to be fingered is to experiment or simply ask her. If she is willing, have her guide your hand to stimulate her from the angle she usually uses, so you can touch her however she likes.

That said, one way many women enjoy being touched is from behind, on the opposite side of her vagina from her G-spot.

9. Friction

Many women first learn to masturbate by rubbing themselves against a pillow, toy, blanket, or bed. It might even be how she experienced her first orgasm, so why not use this to your advantage when trying to reach her orgasm? Here are two ways to do exactly that:

When she is lying on the bed, slip one leg between hers and gently press it against her vulva. She then slowly moves back and forth over her vagina as she maintains pressure.

As she sits, have her sit on one of your legs and then encourage her to move it by gently pushing and pulling her hips back and forth.

Basically, any position where you have the ability to fry your vagina is perfect!

10. Your fingers and a vibrator

As always, it’s a good idea to mix things up, so don’t be afraid to use your fingers while using a vibrator on your girl . One idea is to use your fingers to penetrate her, while focusing the vibrator on her clitoris.

Alternatively, you can switch and use your fingers on her clitoris, while penetrating her with the vibrator. The key, as always, is to try a few different combinations to see which is the most pleasurable for your partner.

There are even vibrators that attach to your hand to make your fingers vibrate!

11. Anal masturbation

Rubbing your girl shouldn’t be reserved for just her clitoris and vagina. She can also enjoy some anal action. I say “can” because not all women enjoy anal stimulation.

If you do, then anal rubbing is a good place to start, before moving on to full anal sex. If you don’t, then no problem, just focus on other fun techniques to get him to orgasm.

Before you masturbate her, you should be aware that her anus is not self-lubricating like her vagina, so you will need some lube. Saliva will usually work fine, but using a little lubricant is also a good option. Coat your finger and the outside of her ass with some lube, then slowly press your lubed finger against her.

Make sure you do it more calmly and listen to his comments (both what his body says and what he says). Her sphincter takes a while to relax, so if you push your finger into her before she relaxes, then you will hurt her.

Instead, you should maintain some gentle pressure to allow his sphincter to relax around your finger. Once it does, you can slowly push your finger in and out.

While you touch her anally, you can also rub her clitoris with your other hand, for additional stimulation.

Important: do not touch her vagina after touching her anally. You will pass certain bacteria from her anus to her vagina, which will give rise to a severe infection. Wash your hands well after any anal action. This also goes for anything else you put up his ass.

Important: the ideal is to determine if he likes anal stimulation, but if it is his first time, make sure he tells you what he likes or what he does not like.

If you want more anal action, then you can check out the Guide on How to Have Anal Sex .

More vaginal masturbation techniques please!

Now that you know how to touch a girl with multiple techniques, you may want even more.


Keep in mind that the best person to teach you additional masturbation techniques is your girl. She already knows what she likes best, and the best masturbation techniques will vary from woman to woman, so my advice is to have her teach you and her to teach you what she likes so you can keep adding to your arsenal. sexual.

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