For a man to have a good orgasm, it is not enough to just masturbate him with the typical and boring movement in which we move the hand from top to bottom, during the whole process. Above all, because you can generate much more pleasure, if you know in depth the anatomy of man and how to stimulate it. So if you normally masturbate your partner from top to bottom, we invite you to continue reading this article where we expose 5 effective keys to masturbate your partner causing him the greatest possible pleasure.

In this regard, we can mention Jut M, who is a Dutch masseur, who gives interesting workshops where he teaches about male genital massage and also exposes the main current problems: Mainly, in educational establishments they do not teach the minimum knowledge of anatomy that we should know to fully enjoy our sexuality, which means that as a society, we have a lack of curiosity about the subject, where in general we do not innovate in these practices.

Jut says that learning to do a genital massage well or knowing how to masturbate a man, can serve to discover new forms of pleasure, both in the man receiving the massage and in the woman.

In addition to learning certain tricks, you can reduce the time a man has to ejaculate until he experiences a new erection. Making the man feel more willing to have a second round.

1- Not all lubricants are the same.

When doing a good genital massage, it is important to use a good lubricant, not only in terms of quality, we must also take into account the materials from which they are made, but we can cause irritation.

Regarding the latter, silicone lubricants are recommended, over those of other materials. Although this is denser, it usually lasts longer, allowing a longer lubrication to occur.

As for the use of silicone lubricants, these can damage condoms, so if you want to have sex later, it is good that you keep it in mind.

2- Look into the eyes.

During the genital massage it is important to look the man in the eye, see his face and observe if he likes what we are doing to him, if there is something he likes more or that he is asking us with his body. It is always good to maintain eye contact with our partner, as this reflects that we are really concerned about the sexual pleasure of our man.

For some men, it is better that the movements are energetic, while others prefer slower movements. Finally, there are the men who have a change of taste according to the degree of arousal they have or even, according to how they feel that day.

3- The perpendicular of pleasure.

For the massage of more pleasant sensations to our man, it is necessary to determine which part must be stimulated with more vehemence and which must be included, but in the right measure.

A part that is generally basic to quickly increase pleasure is the following: imagine that the penis is divided into two parts by a perpendicular line; then you are left with the left and the right. The imaginary line that you are visualizing is the one that has a large number of nerve endings that you can stimulate to make your massage better perceived by men.

The pressure with which you massage this part will depend on how your partner likes it and the moment he is in with respect to his arousal. To know if you are doing it right or if you can improve, look him in the eye, remember point 2.

4- Do not put a brake on the frenulum.

The frenulum of the foreskin is an important part of the massage and is often ignored by women, who can only sometimes accidentally stimulate it by raising and lowering the hand, but it is necessary to give it more attention and include it in the massage as follows :

You can awaken very pleasant sensations by pressing this area with your thumb through a smaller movement. It is the same as when oral sex is practiced and pressure is exerted with the tongue on that part. How much pressure? It depends on what the man enjoys. In some hotter moments it can be stronger or if your man likes subtler sensations then he probably likes it slower.

5- We must also stimulate the testicles.

In general, there are parts that are not included in the massage, which are very entertaining and important when it comes to masturbating a man correctly.

The testicles, for example, are usually not taken into account, but it is enough to hold them to cause pleasure. It is also good to make subtle affections with your fingers or with your nails. For some men it is pleasurable to feel a little pressure on the scrotum or simply to pass your whole hand over the testicles, as well as doing a broad massage from top to bottom.

The Pyrenees is a secret point that few people take into account when they masturbate their partner. It is a very sensitive area that goes from the scrotum to the anus, where eight muscles involved in causing the erection and also certain important nerve endings come together with affinity to cause greater pleasure to the man. Lastly, it is recommended that this area be stimulated with a genital massage during the foreplay and it is also good to consider it during sexual intercourse.

Now that you know the main keys to perform an exquisite masturbation, that makes the man have an intense foreplay and that he can’t wait to have sex with you, it’s time to put all this knowledge into practice, refine some details about how he likes it. more and that they can together enjoy a full sexuality.

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