Is it true that we all have a soul mate that walks the world, just waiting for us to find it?

All those who have found it affirm that it has, and stories abound about the circumstances in which the encounter took place. The classic romantic movies of the cinema have left in most people the idea that at some point they would find their soul mate and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, for many things have not worked out that way.


The idea of ​​two souls destined to meet again forever since they were created is part of almost all spiritual traditions and references abound in both literature and religious scriptures.

However, it is common not to find that “other half” and for many, the very concept of a soul mate is just a silly and unimportant fantasy.

But it is necessary to make an observation.

If you look around you, you will see that there are people who have found their soulmate and the proof is the incredible relationship they have achieved. This means that you too can find such a relationship.

The problem may be that you can’t find the signs because you don’t know how to look for them: maybe you’ve already met your soul mate and didn’t realize it. This is not something easy: in the first place, in order to detect it, there must be emotional maturity, a life experience and a certain capacity to reflect on it,

Even on many occasions signs that are not real are misinterpreted. Have you seen those people who post on their social networks: “Here I am with the love of my life and my soulmate”, but change partners every six months?

The signs

Is it possible to realize when your soulmate is close to you? These signs will tell you.

1. You have a certainty of being connected with that person, an intimate and very personal recognition. Sometimes it feels like love at first sight, at other times like a strong sense of familiarity. If a feeling of comfort, energy and intimacy invades you when meeting and being with him, there is a good chance that he is your soul mate.

2. There is a sincere relationship of friendship, which can perfectly be the basis of a lasting romantic relationship. Your soulmate will probably be your best friend, since you share the vision and feelings about many things, including a sense of humor. Of course, he will always be your best support and it is not uncommon that when you want to tell him about a problem, he has already sensed it. 3. Relationships often end when people try to change each other in some way that bothers or bothers them. This does not happen with soul mates, because they respect each other in a deep way, a fundamental respect that is based on knowing each other on a very intimate level, including the faults and not so positive aspects.

4. Soulmates often have a similar vision of the future. It is one of the most significant signs: it indicates not only a deep connection, but it is also one of the most reliable elements that portend a happy relationship. If partners do not share core values, do not envision a similar future, and do not want the same thing from life, a rift will form in the relationship, widening and deepening over time. If you meet someone who shares your vision of things in life and imagines a future similar to yours, it is a very strong sign that you have found your soul mate.

5. Your soulmate values ​​everything you have achieved so far, but will encourage you to recognize everything you can do and encourage you to achieve it, making you leave your comfort zone and embark on new paths. By combining challenge and support, your soulmate is an important catalyst for your personal development and growth. Of course, you do the same for him, supporting him in his endeavors and dreams. In the future, they will thank each other for the managed encouragement and encouragement they have given each other.

6. That two soulmates meet does not mean that everything will be wonderful and the wind will always blow in their favor: if necessary, they will fight for the relationship, facing conflicts with resolution. There will always be obstacles: family problems, financial concerns, illnesses, work or professional uncertainty, problems with children, but a couple made up of soul mates will continue to fight for the relationship, finding ways to face everything to improve things, because they both want May the relationship survive at all costs. 7. Soulmates may be apart, but they prefer to be together and are able to strike the perfect balance between time together and time apart. They trust each other and feel close, even when they do things on their own. Jealousy or anxiety are not in their dictionaries and they encourage each other to engage in activities that are stimulating to each other. Both value the moments in which they are together and feel happy and fulfilled.

8. When facing each other, soul mates show themselves as they are, without the need to assume the poses or wear the masks that are sometimes necessary before other people. This is not necessary when you are with your soulmate: intimately you know that you can show yourself as you are and you will not receive any kind of censorship or ridicule. Dare to look for your soul mate… or have you already found it?

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