Although, like all people we are different, we also form different types of relationships, that is why no story is the same as another. Sometimes we can end a relationship and we are able to never speak to the same person again. There are those who can form a type of friendship with the ex, although the latter does not seem to be very common. There are couples who, during their relationship, have decided to end it, but when time passes, sometimes they have reasons to want to give themselves a second chance. Despite the fact that in many cases, which surely we can all know, the popular saying that sequels are not good is true, however there are always some exceptions to the rule. This is what we are going to talk about during the article, about how to make the second part worthwhile. So if you’re interested, continue reading. It should be noted that the chances of getting back with a person or that the couple wants to have a second chance has to do directly with the reasons that made them end up in the first place and also in second place are the capacities that the couples may have. members to manage their own feelings and to be able to reflect on their own problems that caused the relationship to end. It is clear that having a successful sequel is not for everyone. We are coming to the central theme of this article, how do we make sure that the second chance we are giving ourselves is better than the first and that we do not continue repeating the previous story? As, if we decided to return it was because we think that the relationship we had has very good parts that convince us that everything is worth it. However, it is true that we ended for certain reasons, that they cannot continue like this and that we must fix it somehow.

For what was mentioned, it is important that in light of the time that has passed, you can think of the things that you would like to improve individually and as a couple. Since, if you are going to return to the same relationship that you decided to end, it is most likely that your relationship fulfills what the saying says. On the other hand, if you and your partner sit down together to build what you want from this new relationship and agree on the commitments you are going to assume so that this relationship is different from the previous one, it is most likely that you will actually achieve this goal. change.

knowledge time

As we have already mentioned, the idea is that they can resume their love, but with greater awareness and maturity. It is ideal that they can talk about how to change the relationship, now that they know what it means to have to end it. So, we advise them to have conversations, appointments and plans, which value the importance of dialogue and the words they use. So that you can resolve conflicts in a new way, take advantage of the new perspective you have on your problems, which comes from taking a little distance. The latter generally facilitates the understanding of the same and increases empathy towards the other. It should be noted that in some cases, it is desirable to have the help of an external professional, such as a psychologist specializing in couples. Especially if they love each other, but they have no idea how they could solve their conflicts. Then it is ideal that an expert carry out the work of a mediation.

Have an attitude of humility

Humility is a quality that turns out to be very useful to be able to understand the complexity of factors and errors that led to the relationship having to end. That is, both have collaborated on this. However, humility is required to be able to accept that one was not perfect and that now, when one has the opportunity to try to start over, this has to be with the aim of doing things in a better way. Some examples of the above are being able to commit to: paying more attention to details, active listening, observation, practicing empathy, respect, among others.

put your ideas in order

Sometimes, after we end a relationship and we are in conversations with the other person, with the intention of seeing if we can get back with her or not, we may go through moments in which we have a real chaos inside us, regarding our thoughts and ideas.

It is common to feel wholeheartedly that we want to return to the other person, thinking about everything positive in the relationship, but we are also aware that there are parts of it that cannot remain the same. So for this second chance to work, you have to find a way to find greater harmony in the relationship. You can only achieve this if you know exactly what you want and what you dream of. It is also necessary that you think about where each one is with respect to the relationship and where they want to be later. It is recommended that they have appointments dedicated to talking about this specific topic.

Grow internally

Absolutely everything that happens to us can help us learn and grow as human beings. It is no different with couple breakups, if we put at our service the capacities or abilities that we have to be able to grow.

Based on the above, try to extract valuable reflections and conclusions from these experiences, with the intention that you can apply all this knowledge to this new stage of the relationship.

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