Words can be the perfect weapon to unleash your partner’s inner fire, using the right words at the right time is the ideal stimulant to find pleasure in the sexual encounter

It is proven that listening to words full of eroticism stimulates the transmission of dopamine, a chemical substance that plays an essential role in sexual arousal.

For both men and women it is difficult to find the perfect words to turn on the mood in bed, and to increase the emotional and physical intensity of the experience.

That is why we bring you these tips with which you and your partner will enjoy a sexual experience full of pleasure.

For them:

Moans and heavy breathing

To start the erotic conversation the words can be too many, you can start by suggesting with gasps and sensual moans along with constant breaths that allow your partner to turn on while you save your heavy weapons for later.

Tell him what you are going to do

Erotic conversations can be both during and before the meeting, you can start with a surprise whispering in his ear what you are going to do, how and where, ending with a sensual kiss in his ear.

Remember that many times it is not only about what you say but how you say it, phrases like “what would you like now” or “how nice when you touch me there”, sound different accompanied by sensual breaths.

Describe what you are feeling

Focus on what you’re feeling, the way your body shakes, so you can describe it all to him. It is important that you do not overact, just tell your feelings, he will love to know how he makes you feel.

Include him in the conversation

As part of the strategy, include your partner in the conversation; Ask questions. For example: “Tell me how you like it”, “Do you like it like this?”, “Do you like it when I touch myself like this?”

Announce your orgasm

By announcing the arrival of your orgasm you raise your partner’s ego to the clouds, so they will know and feel proud of having taken you to the maximum pleasure, the phrase: “I’m coming!”, will kill him.

For them:

Prepare the environment

For women it is more difficult to prepare for the sexual encounter, so if you want her to have the best experience, start by favoring her state of mind in advance, behave like a gentleman, be gallant, fill her with compliments and make her feel important.

Enhances non-sexual qualities

Recognize their efforts, their work in the office, at home and in their relationship. Make her feel valued, women often feel underestimated in the things they do and showing her something different will arouse interest.

praise her body

As a woman it is easy to feel self-conscious about physical stereotypes, so turn any weak point of your partner into something positive, exalt her beauty and convince her of how beautiful she is.

Describe what you want to do

Tell her what you want to do in the middle of the sexual encounter, with details, she will be more than ready to enjoy what you promised.

Combine physical stimulation with erotic words

In physical stimulation caresses enter, caresses her hair, her cheek, her arms, her back and her waist. Reach all the areas of the body that you know will entice your partner to become intimate, while still complimenting how beautiful she is and what a great lover she can be.

For your phrases to have greater power as an inciter of emotions, it is important to have a seductive attitude, play with your lips and tongue, look for inspiration in erotic books or movies, eye contact is essential

Loudly or quietly, with whispers or moans, use erotic conversations to excite your partner and enjoy new days of pleasure. Ibiza Motel Lounge is the perfect complement for your new experiences

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