If you are in a relationship and it is difficult for you to communicate with your partner, here we are going to tell you how you can do it so that the communication is effective and do not fall in the attempt, we know that sometimes it is difficult to have a conversation with our partner, more when the relationship is not based on trust and respect, which should not be the case, since everyone should feel free and without fear when talking to their partner about any topic, so here we are going to leave you a series of steps to continue so that you have a better communication with your partner when it comes to resolving any doubt and that this does not end in a lawsuit or angry. Steps to follow:

1.- Think about your feelings.

The first thing you have to do before talking to your partner about the relationship is to analyze yourself. What is happening with me? What do I want to tell him? How am I going to tell him? Why? Does this topic affect me? You must analyze very well the topic you want to deal with, that way you will be clear about what you are going to say to your partner, so that he understands you and does not deviate from the topic, to talk to your partner you must first listen to you, so that you know what is happening and can communicate it effectively.

2.- Make an outline of the topics you want to address.

After having analyzed your feelings and organized your ideas, as we recommended in the first step, the following is how you are going to raise the topic that you are going to talk about, you must bear in mind that the topic can bring other topics to the conversation for that reason It is important that you take it into account, and be clear about what topics you do or do not want to come up in the conversation and focus on how you are going to raise them, remember that the relationship is two and that your partner will also have their doubts, so keep this point in mind.

3.- Find a quiet place outside your home.

We could say that there is no better place to have a conversation as a couple than our house, but we must bear in mind that moods can also rise and have a discussion instead of a talk or that our partner refuses to talk and does not we can get nowhere, so it is best to find a quiet place for the conversation, it can be a cafeteria, a park, they can be there as long as they want and since it is a public place, their conversation will be calm, both will avoid the discussion and they will listen to each other, that is why it is better that you invite your partner to have a date to talk, that way they will listen to you and be aware of you, keep in mind that, with the routine and day to day, many times I don’t feel like talking and even less about topics as serious and deep as a relationship,Prepare the ground and summon your partner to speak, it will give him time to prepare for the conversation and be willing to listen to you.

4.- Explain yourself clearly and with a loving tone.

Another thing you should do when talking to your partner about any topic of your relationship, is that you explain clearly everything you want to tell him, that way he can understand you better, don’t beat around the bush and speak clearly , also do it in a loving way, speak from love, if you want me to listen to you, avoid speaking in the form of scolding, victimizing yourself or blaming your partner, it will be useless if you want to reach something, instead of that, better speak from how you you feel with that behavior, or with that problem, that way he will realize that he is doing it wrong, without the need for you to blame him, he will understand your situation and want to do something to correct it, that way the talk will be positive way.

5.- Respect the turn of words.

Another thing you should keep in mind when talking to your partner is that you should respect the turn to speak, it may have been you who wanted to talk about a certain topic, but you should also be aware that your partner should also give their point of view, Your partner also has the right to speak, therefore you must give him the space and respect his turn so that he can express himself, only in this way will you be able to communicate effectively, remember that by talking people understand each other and if something does not make you feel good, say so and let him tell you what happens with this, it is very important that both speak, listen and respect their times, so that in this way they can communicate properly and can resolve all their conflicts or doubts as a couple.

And finally, remember that the relationship is for two and both must do their part so that the relationship works in the best way, their relationship must be based on trust and respect, that way neither of them will be afraid to speak or address any issue related to your partner, it is also important to know how to listen and give the space for the other to express themselves only in that way they can solve any doubt or conflict that arises in the relationship, it is also important that when you speak you do it in a way respectful, without offending, and if possible (it will depend on the subject or how much you feel offended) even in a loving way, so that your partner reacts in the same way, so you can have better communication, because with love everything can be solved .

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