Sometimes we feel that the relationship is on the decline, mainly that becomes more evident, after getting married. Family problems, financial problems, tiredness and routine arise. situations that gradually wear down the relationship and make us think that at some point everything will come to an end. At that moment you ask yourself the following question: how can I make my wife fall in love again? With a marital crisis looming, the only thing you are looking for is to find a strategy so that everything goes back to the way it was before. Next we will tell you what are the steps you can follow if you want to recover your relationship.

Remember what made you fall in love

What you should do as a first point is to remember what were the reasons that made you fall in love with her. It is almost normal for the relationship to suffer some wear and tear and for the falling in love stage to lead to the construction phase of a new home with all that this implies in terms of responsibilities, but fortunately for us men, they are the ones who most of the cases are willing to recover the magic in your relationship.

Plan some outings and time together

A good strategy is to start organizing some outings with your partner. Try to do something that you usually did when the courtship was just beginning, it could be going to the movies, having dinner, going for a walk in places where you have fun, in short, places that rekindle beautiful memories. This could prove to be a foolproof technique in some cases. But pay attention to this detail, try to repeat it often and not just once. The more you surprise your partner with this type of surprise, the more interest you will arouse in her.

make him a gift

Above all, women love to be surprised. So always try to surprise your wife with a nice gift. They can be cute gifts such as: stuffed animals, flowers, chocolates, or why not, something different but very original, or something that has a special symbolic meaning for both of you.

tell them what they mean to you

A woman not only needs great luxuries to be happy. In many cases it is more important to show love and fidelity above all. You can start by telling your wife what she means to you; how much you love her, how beautiful she looks. These are techniques used to increase her self-esteem and make her feel loved like in the old days, which is what they often seek. A woman never tires of hearing how much you love her.

shows romance

Sometimes being cheesy is not something that goes with men, that comes naturally to them, but women love it. Therefore, if your intention is to recover your partner’s love little by little, show yourself romantic, do things that inspire tenderness in them. That way you will light the flame of love.

Throw out what doesn’t work

To solidify a good relationship with your partner, it is not enough just to do things that make her happy. Although these details mentioned above are essential to win your wife back, you should also keep in mind to put aside all those negative aspects that affect the relationship. For a second, calmly analyze your behavior, pay attention to her complaints, through sincere dialogue and make a plan.

Start a personal change

You must always keep in mind that before you start to act you become aware of your actions, everything that has made your relationship decline. Ask yourself the following question: what are the facts that led the relationship to a crisis? It is essential that you think about your actions and in this way initiate a change of your own, since change is the best tool to be able to recover your wife. Your relationship is reflected in your actions, so ideally you should remain a solid foundation for your married life. Try to prioritize what one needs from the other with a lot of love and respect.

If you have put into practice all the points that we have mentioned and you still do not get positive results, it is likely that the problem with your partner is more serious and in that case, you should go to a professional who can help you through therapies, advice or other techniques.

Finally try not to forget this important point, try to change, true, but also try to do it by putting yourself in your wife’s place. In general, many women prefer that men show their love in public and without fear, that you brag about them, that you let the world know that you have the most wonderful woman. Your wife is a person with her particular characteristics and hers is her own world, it is not that you necessarily have to be behind her 24 hours a day, because you can tire her, stress her, bore her or she can perceive everything about her as a empty and automatic gesture. If you want to recover her love, you have to be patient and give her space, because she also needs to think and organize her ideas. Nobody has said that with these recommendations you would recover it in a short period of time. If there are wounds, They must heal and for that to happen a period must pass, the important thing is the will to reborn that fluid and friendly relationship of yesteryear. Try to love your partner like that first day, do not wait for the marriage to fall into a crisis to realize what these details mean to her

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