Sex can be the source of infinite sensations for a woman and also causes a series of changes on a physical level at the moment of greatest arousal, which is the first part of a sexual response.

It begins with stimulation, which can be physical, psychological, or a combination of both. The different senses can participate (hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste) as well as thought and emotions. At the physiological level, the vasocongestive phenomenon occurs, with increased blood flow in certain regions of the body, particularly in the pelvic organs. Its main manifestations, which may not be instantaneous or permanent, are penile erection in men and lubrication and other effects in the vagina in women.


Although it can change from one woman to another, in general lines a series of modifications can be seen, some very noticeable and others more difficult to see.

For example, at the time of sexual intercourse the breasts swell and look more uniform; Nipples may be hard, erect and deeper in color.

In some cases the veins of the breast become more visible. At the skin level, a generalized blush is noticeable, but more visible on the face and other specific areas. The skin changes because blood flow is altered. The so-called “sexual flush” appears between 50 and 70% of the female population and can be seen on the face, buttocks, arms, back or legs.

It has also been discovered that arousal can change the scent given off by a woman’s skin. This is not so noticeable, so few claim to feel this change, which is due to the action of pheromones.

more changes

A curious effect of sexual arousal is that the disgust for things that would normally cause repulsion is lost, leading to doing things that in normal situations one would not do.

Arousal also calls for arousal: at that time, it is easier for a woman to become aroused by things that used to not interest her. This explains, for example, why she can get hooked on fulfilling fantasies that in another situation would not even cross her mind and that could be rejected.

It is notorious that the body temperature in women increases as their excitement grows. This is noticed in the skin, which appears hotter than normal; for this reason, being excited women stop feeling cold even if they are naked. It is also easy to notice the change in breathing, which may become more labored or labored. When breathing becomes agitated, it goes from the normal 20 inspirations per minute to an average of 30. The heart rate increases to 175 beats per minute, while the voice may change and become more shaky.

in the vagina

Physical modifications also specifically affect the vagina. These are some things that happen in her at the moment of greatest excitement:

1- At the moment of arousal, vaginal sensitivity increases and therefore, when being with your partner in a situation of high sexual temperature, many women describe pain. This is something perfectly normal and it happens because when the woman gets excited, the blood goes to the vagina, making the area more sensitive, translating this into pain. In this situation, any small touch or movement could arouse even more and in some cases brings the woman to the brink of orgasm and in others, produces a “tickling” sensation.

2- If you feel like urinating just before having sex or at the same time, don’t be scared, it’s also very normal, because the urethral sponge swells to prevent you from urinating when having sex

3- At the moment of excitement, the vaginal lips swell and change color. In women who have not had children, they go from pink to red and after having children, they change from red to purple.

4- When you are aroused, the vagina literally experiences an erection, it swells and becomes firmer. Specifically the clitoris firms up and becomes erect, more noticeable and easier to find.

5- Another change that occurs in the vaginal area at the time of sexual arousal, the one that the uterus rises. This modification aims to facilitate penetration since when the uterus rises, the vaginal canal is lengthened.

6- In addition to the elevation described in the previous point, the vagina also dilates, thus preparing itself in a better way for penetration, giving the penis more space because it becomes larger. This effect occurs only at the time of arousal, it is not that penetration causes the vagina to “stretch” permanently: after sexual intercourse, it returns to its normal situation.

7- An effect of excitement and that sometimes is embarrassing for some women, despite being absolutely normal, are the noises that are produced by the expulsion of air trapped inside the vagina. Although they can resemble flatulence, they have absolutely nothing to do with it and should not be a cause for embarrassment.

8- A sign of female arousal is lubrication in the vagina, which varies in consistency and smell. This helps the penetration to be received more smoothly, favoring the entry of the penis into the vagina. It comes in the form of isolated drops that end up moistening the inner surface of the vagina. The density, amount and smell vary from one woman to another and at different stages of life.

9- In 1 out of 10 women, the muscle contractions of the pelvic floor that occur during orgasm can cause a few drops of clear liquid to come out of the urethra. The so-called “female ejaculation” is not pee: it is composed of natural sugars and prostatic acid phosphatase, a chemical also present in semen.

Get to know your body and fully enjoy sex.

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