What kind of man have you had before? It may be that all your ex-partners have cheated on you at some point or worse, mistreated you; others may have been the most understanding and attentive. According to science, each of us has a certain tendency to always choose the same type of man, which makes our love story repeat itself over and over again. Therefore, if you stopped to think about the types of men with whom you were, most likely, you will not find much difference from one to another.

If you were to gather all your partners, and look at them closely, you might find too many similarities, and we are not referring to the physical part, but rather, we focus on deeper characteristics. A study assured that human beings, especially women, have a tendency to always choose the same type of man. This normally occurs because we do not necessarily look for what is best for us, but rather we do it with the intention of meeting certain needs. To better understand the issue we are talking about, the study, for example, says that if a woman always tends to be protective, she will generally look for someone to protect, and it will be difficult for her to break that circle and be encouraged to try another dynamic. The issue would not be so serious if we knew how to choose good people as companions,

Precisely one of the reasons why women live linked to circles of violence, is that they constantly choose the same type of man in their relationships. The study ensures that it is something linked to the psyche that, based on their life experiences, their training, environment and family relationships, creates a certain pattern in their heads that they can no longer get out of when they reach adulthood.

If you want to meet other types of men, here are some tips:

1. The problem: Always identifying the problem is the first step in any therapy. If you find that you are always attracted to only one kind of man and the result has never been the most favorable for you, it is time you consider making a change. Knowing how to differentiate between what you want and what you need, as well as what you have and what you deserve, are good points to start cutting that negative circle.

2. What do I want?: What you should do next is to think about how you want your partner to be. If you prefer someone who gives you understanding, tenderness, loyalty, someone who is not afraid, who is an adventurer, in short, you must be sure of what you are looking for and what would make you happy. It’s not even a bad idea to write on a piece of paper and put it where you can see it so you don’t forget that detail. Therefore, before starting a relationship with an interesting guy, first ask yourself if he responds to what you really need and your desires.

3. Setting limits : One of the most serious mistakes that is normally made when we start or are in a relationship is not knowing to what extent we can tolerate our partner’s behavior towards us. Sometimes, things happen such as, for example, the desire on our part to have a stable relationship and that our partner does not show the same, or worse still tells us openly. You look for a way to spend time together but he can never spend that time with you, there are always excuses for not being able to. Sometimes he even deprives you of his things and moves away more and more from you, so why continue with someone like that?

4. Broaden the spectrum : It is normal if you have a profession, that you seek to date people who do something similar to yours, perhaps because you see that they have common things to share, but many times that cannot go in your favor. Try to expand your circle of friends. You can even take some courses that have nothing to do with your profession or your trade. That does not mean that you are going to search anywhere, but outside of your professional field you can also find interesting people with whom to share interesting topics.

5. Do not be afraid:Many times we prefer to always stay in a mold because that gives us comfort, but it can also prevent us from seeing new things. Try to open up to the world, maybe there is someone extremely interesting waiting for you, go places, meet new people and enjoy all the things that life offers you. Maybe you’re not having the best time where you are, but you stay there because it’s a sure thing.

6. A little help:It is likely that in most cases, the characteristics that your exes present will not be so difficult to cope with. But when you get to the point of being victims of domestic violence, economic violence or threats, the problem is already becoming serious. For this reason, it is important that in the face of these attacks you begin to seek help from the authorities, some psychological attention or simply talk about it with your family and friends, they could help you break this cycle of violence and protect you. Do not be afraid to go out and seek new relationships with men of other characteristics so to speak. You should know that within that there may be a better place with a better person, someone who really brings you happiness. Don’t lock yourself into one type of person. Cheer up! go out and explore what the world has to show you.

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