At least once in life, many girls have gone through that painful moment when we love someone else before ourselves. Realizing it takes a long time and the separation can become an ordeal because many women cling to the past. This was the case of Laura who opened her eyes to a stormy love in order to love herself. We leave you her letter: They say that love can resist anything, it is proven because innumerable stories speak of eternal love, of love at a distance, of impossible loves that in the end, end up being winners. It is true that love is a very strong feeling, that transforms, that transcends, love never tires, it is resistant, love never betrays, it is strong, passionate, victorious.

I’m tired of giving you my best kisses, of begging to be reciprocated, I’m tired of your lost gaze, your fake smiles, your forced caresses, anxiously awaiting your arrival and ignoring me so many times. My patience is exhausted and now I’m leaving, I’ll leave you with your arrogant way of believing yourself indispensable, I’m leaving, I continue with my life, I leave you alone, with your ego.

I must admit that by your side I wasted time, I loved you so much and I put my life at your feet, the cruel thing of all, were the tears that I cried for you, I did so many things for you with the hope that you would love me, I gave you the best me, but nothing worked, I forgot myself, I forgot everything. But you know what? I give up, I leave, I give up, I’m out of here. I do it for that love that is even more important than the love of others, I am leaving because I understand that there is a more important love, I mean self-love, love of oneself, I am leaving with a broken heart, I am leaving loving you, but with the full awareness that I cannot stay with someone who does not know how to love me.” Stop loving is complicated, but if it is not reciprocated there is no option left. If you go through a similar situation, We recommend these little tips so you can forget that bad love and rediscover yourself. Pay attention:

– Accept that you are hurt: Allow yourself to be sad for a while, if you try to act normally and pretend that you are not hurt, you will have a greater emotional struggle. – Reflect on the relationship: Recognize that there were good and bad things about being in love with that person and think about the new opportunities that may be presented to you.

– You must be alone for a while: You have to process and deal with the pain you feel if you want to be able to stop loving in a healthy way. – Let your feelings out: Write a journal, write poetry, stories or songs, these creative efforts will allow you to express your pain. You can also go to the movies, theater or musical concerts that talk about heartbreak, so you can understand these situations from another point of view.

– Start over: In order to forget someone, break all ties until you are better emotionally.

– Avoid mutual friends: Going out with mutual friends after breaking ties will make this experience more difficult for you.

– Explore yourself: Know your strengths and weaknesses. Perhaps you reconsider that your priorities or objectives in life were other.

– Be independent. You will need to improve your ability to be alone: ​​By being more self-sufficient, you will have more confidence and remind yourself that you are strong and capable on your own. – Try new activities: These new things to do will not only make you happy but will also help you forget your old love.

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