It seems very simple that to be happy we must start by appreciating ourselves more and better. Let this be the starting point by which we will be able to build relationships, work, do what we like, in short, find the key that leads us down the path of happiness. If our self-esteem is well worked we will have enough preparation to face the problems and circumstances that life poses to us, being able to always get the positive and constructive idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeverything. No one said it was an easy road. It is a result that we achieved with a lot of effort, desire and conviction.

What does lack of self-esteem imply? constantly criticize us; mistreating our body with an unbalanced diet; believing that we are not worthy of love; postponing activities that are good for us, demanding that we do everything perfectly; live in the midst of chaos and disorder; create doubts and obligations; believe that we are less valuable than others and wear ourselves out comparing ourselves with everyone; feeling guilty about our feelings, believing that the happiness of others is more important than our own, attracting relationships where we are not valued; stop expressing our needs; always seek the approval of others, not set limits and say yes to everything so that they love us. What it is about then is to get out of all this deceitful source of happiness and truly look for it from the place where it belongs.

Nathaniel Branden expresses “Self-esteem is the experience of feeling fit for life and for its requirements.” Therefore, then, we bring you these guidelines that, if you practice them with enthusiasm every day, will lead you to love and respect yourself more, knowing that it is what you really deserve and not being satisfied with accepting everything. Look for the other side of things.

Don’t torture yourself with self-criticism anymore

Accept yourself as you are. It is good that you demand yourself under certain parameters, but many times exaggerated criticism condemns us and does not allow us to build. Everybody changes. When you consider yourself approved, the changes you generate are positive, otherwise all your changes will be negative.

Run away from the thoughts that scare you

Bad thoughts don’t help. That fatalistic ideas flee from your mind, it is good that you turn your unfounded fears into positive thoughts, in the face of doubt and fear seek refuge in what is more than pleasant for you. From each crossroads he brings out the good from the bottom.

Patience and kindness are part of the way

With yourself first and then with others: be kind, understandable, compassionate and give yourself time for everything without tormenting yourself for what you have a hard time achieving. You should treat yourself as you would treat the person you love. As simple as that.

Work patience with your mind

Every now and then we are ashamed of the things that we are capable of conceiving in our minds and we wonder how we can think that if it is not our way of being or of solving things. Sometimes the pressures and limit situations that we go through throw to the sidewalk of our thoughts the most terrible desires and ideas that are not ours. Well, don’t hate yourself for it, work on what you can do to reverse the situation.

Celebrate even the smallest achievements

The compliments towards what we are capable of doing, no matter how small the steps we took, are always very important. We are not talking in the exacerbated sense of narcissism, it is that, if you have stumbled, you are able to stand up and minimize the fact, join forces to get ahead without thinking about what could have been and not moving forward.

Build your own bra

The most capable and strongest people seek help when they think they need it, it’s what you should do. The support provided by the people who love us is essential to get ahead.

your health and your body

You must never abandon yourself. Your body needs, according to certain norms and parameters, some type of nutrition, foods that you may not be consuming, vitamins, even physical exercises that you do not take into account. It is important that you inform yourself and also take it into consideration. If it is true that the body is the container of the soul, then think that you must protect it and give it the best you can.

Give time to that negative aspect that bothers you

It will go away, you just have to work on it a little. Now you are focused on new ways to cover the same needs that you covered with your negative points, only looking at life positively. You have reversed the game and you want to suddenly eliminate what no longer serves you today in your way of facing life. Just change your thoughts, your attitude, your words. It is not like opening and closing your eyes, you will process it little by little.

the mirror never lies

Self-esteem is the ability to love and respect ourselves, so looking straight into your eyes will help you find yourself again. Forgive yourself looking in the mirror. Talk to your loved ones in front of the mirror and forgive them too. This is an exercise that you should do every day, it is part of accepting yourself, assuming yourself and recognizing yourself as who you are and learning to love yourself.

Let’s do it

Get to work on your self-esteem. It is not good that you give yourself deadlines or that you wait for your things to improve, for time to pass, for you to find what you are looking for. Start today and remember that this depends only on you and how much you want to be yourself.

Source: Ten steps to love yourself

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