Until not long ago, I was also one more, one of many people who spent giving explanations and more explanations of everything I did or didn’t do.

I was even so used to giving explanations even if they didn’t ask me. She was already mentally programmed to do it and she was that way for a long time. Until I was forced to have to learn not to give explanations and it was a bit complicated, but not impossible.


In retrospect I see that this harmful behavior that I adopted has its origin in my childhood, from a very young age, because many people around me did it, it was what I saw and I thought it was normal. Giving explanations was natural. My aunts, my friends, my neighbors, they all gave explanations even when they were asked anything else. How can I forget my aunt that every time she is asked how she is doing, she is unable to answer whether she is right or wrong, NEVER, but of course she does give the word, coordinates and orders of what she is doing or needs to do .


At first, as it is what I had always seen, well, I had no problem with giving details and explanations of my life, I even believed that it was totally necessary and correct. But then with the passing of time, talking, reading and thinking differently, I suddenly realized that this was not necessary.

I understood that I had to explain to no one what I was doing with my life, that life is mine to live as I see fit. That it was not only exhausting because it seemed that you gave others permission to get into your life and that was tedious after a while, but it was exhausting, they drained my energy, energy that I could use to live my life in the best way way . Everyone felt entitled to give me opinions about what I should or should do, confusing me more and making me lose time and self-confidence.

free to be

After a while I decided that I didn’t have to explain myself to everyone. Much less did he have to say everything he did or planned to do. I finally understood that these were my decisions and as long as I felt good about what I was doing, the rest didn’t matter. It seems selfish, but in reality people rarely really care about what we do, so why pay so much attention to them, my heartfelt wish for you is that you realize this sooner rather than later.


No one cares more about my priorities than I do. I know for sure that my priorities are a matter that only interests me. If what I do makes me happy, it’s because it’s the right thing to do, and if I’m wrong, I have enough intelligence to learn from my mistakes.

And if I’m single it’s my decision. I don’t always have a romantic partner and that’s fine, it doesn’t say anything about me or my qualities that circumstantially I find myself single, rather it denotes that I am willing to be alone instead of in bad company, that I have standards. It is not an obligation that I should always have someone by my side to be happy. I am the only one who knows when I will decide to get back in touch with someone, the key word is DECISION. My way of thinking is mine and it is unique. Each head is a world and that means that your ideas will not always coincide with mine. and it is perfect that it be so. However, I respect the way of thinking of all those who are related to me, this is the basis of harmonious coexistence in maturity. Seen as I like it, not as others think it should be, Gone are the times when I was tormented by what they would say and spent hours suffering before the mirror to choose what to wear at a party. If I want to dress very daring or not, it is something that only I decide. No one else can tell me the right way to do it, I accept compliments gracefully, I don’t pretend I don’t deserve them because that’s what a polite girl would do.

Only I decide how to behave with people. I can not explain why I do not want to talk to someone. I have my reasons and they must be respected at all times, just as I can decide to forgive someone regardless of what others say, with whom I relate or not is my business and I assume the potential consequences. My sex life is my own business. Nobody should care about anything that has to do with my privacy. The sexual partners that I decide to have or the way in which I decide to do it is something that only concerns me, I know that many times people will speak, some with good intentions, others with venom, but it is a sign of my maturity that I have learned that what they say Of me, you don’t have to change me, I take the good, I forget the bad. DON’T LIVE GIVING SO MANY EXPLANATIONS, as the saying goes, your friends don’t need them, your enemies don’t believe them and stupid people don’t understand them. You are OWNER OF YOUR LIFE, and you have the right to DECIDE FOR YOU, what to do and what to say, whenever you want. If you make a mistake, you will learn from that “bad” experience. If it goes well, you will take advantage of it and enjoy it. THE IMPORTANT THING is that you NEVER STOP BEING YOURSELF, for conforming to others. YOUR LIFE IS UNIQUE AND ONLY YOURS, enjoy it your way!

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