Sometimes it happens, yes, it is very common that you fall in love with the person who, for one reason or another, is not right for you at a certain moment. Although it is true that it is not a very healthy thing to want to be with a person who is not free, or who has already formed a home, it is also worth noting that not everything in life is written and that every story can take a different course.

The secret of how to conquer a married woman lies in the adaptation as the first measure.

Knowing how to seduce a married woman does not only imply a specific preparation to take on the challenge of conquering any woman since, in this particular case, said woman has important limitations to take into account when wanting to win her heart.

In that order of ideas, then we will present you here the first and most important step that you must take to know how to conquer a married woman, which implies yes or yes, adapting to the conditions imposed by your current situation.

Let’s take as an example the fact that the woman you want to conquer is not only married, but also has children. These factors are decisive when wanting to achieve something serious with her, since you must provide her with the necessary guarantees that perhaps her husband does not offer her. This is where you have every opportunity to shine.

You must keep in mind, when thinking about how to seduce a married woman , that she must find those aspects that she lacks in her home. If she feels unprotected or lack of attention, you must give her all and make her feel safe by your side, clearly clarifying that it is in principle a conquest, so each step must be very subtle.

The idea of ​​a divorce, in the first instance, can be a very strong decision for a married woman, especially if children are involved, so it is important that you never force things, since you know to a great extent what socially, sentimentally and legally it implies a divorce: enduring that people talk, that their children do not understand and blame them and that even a judge takes partial or total custody of their children. Therefore, you need to recognize the limitations you have, before you start conquering it.

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Discreet seduction: the secret on how to conquer a married woman

The idea of ​​any seduction is to be as discreet as possible, especially when it comes to starting an extramarital relationship, since discretion must prevail over all things.

In the specific case of not knowing how to seduce a married woman, you need to start with small details in order to learn more about her sentimental situation, her tastes, her desires, her problems and everything that has to do with her context. conjugal, since that is the point to attack and where you should show the good side in the specific case that he decides to give himself to you.

Invite her to a dinner that does not sin for romantic appearance, but as an innocent encounter to the point that neither of them feels intimidated by the situation. He begins the conversation with great interest in getting to know her much more and understanding even the smallest detail of her emotional aspect, generating in her enough confidence that she can count on you and that you don’t care about her situation.

Smile a lot and make her smile too, take your smile as a support for her to be able to open up more with you about her life and to be able, in this way, to start generating that important connection that should be from the first moment.

The secret on how to conquer a married woman should not be given to you to launch first hand, the insinuation of wanting something more with her.

Although the love in you has arisen at first sight, she must feel that nothing is premeditated and that everything is the result of destiny, thus generating the necessary confidence so that nothing is taken as a simple slip.

Do you want to know more about how to Seduce a Woman?

If the answer is yes, I recommend that you read the book Master of Seduction by Rafael Cruz in which he will reveal the keys to seducing the woman you propose to.


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