Something strange happens with kisses: at a certain point in the relationship they are the most longed for by lovers, but then they go into a kind of background. Kisses have a great impact on the relationship, both in and out of bed, so leaving them aside can be a big mistake.

The urgent desire to kiss is the clearest sign that there is attraction and desire between two people: if they do not experience the desire to kiss, it is clear that there are problems with sexual and emotional desire and connection.

Powerful weapon

Sometimes couples skip kissing, but this is a big mistake.

Kisses are a very powerful weapon to sexually excite a person or simply to show the feeling.

In a study conducted at the University of Oxford, published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior of the International Academy of Sexual Research, the responses of 900 people were analyzed. Research suggests that kissing works as an evaluation of the candidate, a kind of “casting” that helps people judge the quality of the other through taste, smell and physical health. The initial attraction may include face, body, clothing and social skills, but the evaluation becomes more intimate, finally reaching the kiss.

This Oxford study also showed that kissing is crucial in reaching sex in short relationships and at various times, in long-term relationships for both sexes, although with more importance in women. According to a study carried out by the University of Indiana, in which 2,000 people were analyzed, one of the most important elements that allows you to enjoy intimacy more are kisses, affection and affection before, during and after of the sexual relationship itself. According to the interviewees, the importance of kisses has nothing to do with sex, but rather that it strengthens the intimate and emotional connection and can be even more important than an “I love you”: perhaps it can be hidden in words, but in a kiss is more difficult.

Precisely for this reason, when they start missing, things can get worse, because all that trust and union that you had with your partner is lost, even in sex. If your partner does not have the pleasure of kissing you, or has lost it along the way, you can perfectly think that it is a bad sign.


Kissing during sex is one of the most important intimate demonstrations and can turn the hot encounter to the maximum. Although it is not the same for everyone, starting with some sexual games involving kissing is an almost 100 percent sure bet of success.

According to marriage counselor and sex therapist, Dr. Marty Klein, the act of kissing is the most intimate moment during sex.

In fact, people can have sex with someone they are angry with or with people they may not like very much, but they probably won’t kiss someone they don’t like, since kissing is one of the most intimate activities in a relationship. Klein affirms that kisses are extremely important in a relationship, so if they decrease, they can lead to negative situations and even cause a breakup. On the other hand, if they are frequent and intense, it is more likely that love will be maintained.

Clint Carter, a columnist for Women’s Health, is more blunt: he thinks that if you’re meeting someone and they don’t want to kiss you during sex, then the relationship will be short-lived.

To do

The kiss is not just a puckering of the lips or a quick brush on the way out or on the way home. It should not become a routine practice, something equivalent to a “hello”, because it can lead to a dangerous estrangement. For a man, it can be more fun to focus on other areas of the body or “go straight to the point” at the time of the relationship sexual, putting all his attention so that everything turns out as he wants.

Not wanting to kiss you can happen on some occasions, but it should not become a routine, as it can be bad for your relationship. Kisses can connect two people to the maximum and when you have sex, it multiplies the communication; on the other hand, if they are missing, it can lead to emotional estrangement, sometimes irreversible.

A passionate kiss between two lovers is a symbol of love, delivery and the manifestation of the desire to love and be loved. It is the most natural form of communication and contact between two people who love each other. You already know that routine can become a great enemy of any couple and sometimes, he stopped kissing you due to lack of habit. When you’re in a stable relationship and your partner doesn’t kiss you during sex, maybe he’s just focused on something else, so you can be the one to initiate and kiss him. That he doesn’t kiss you can be worrying, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

So that it doesn’t happen to you again or that it never happens to you, influence your partner’s habit of kissing: kiss him when you greet him and when you say goodbye, surprise him with an intense kiss. Teach him how is the kiss that you like, so you will add sensuality in your relationship and it will become an attractive habit. In relationships that take longer, the kiss evokes previous pleasurable sensations, which lead to wanting to prolong the bond, thus functioning as a kind of “reinforcement” of the bond.

Having some mistakes in intimacy or going through more “cold” seasons does not necessarily mean the decline of a relationship or that everything is about to end. However, you should know that there is a reason for everything. If the lack of kisses turns out to be a constant, it is better to discuss it with your partner, find the best way to reconnect. Alternate tender kisses with passionate ones. Do a simple test: propose to each other to have 15 minutes of passionate kisses and propose not to go further. The result of this simple experiment may surprise you.

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