Communication codes vary greatly from person to person, because they depend on individual aspects, the education received in the family environment and life experiences, among other factors.

Also, most men are not good at expressing what they feel, so you have to be very attentive to their words to know what they really mean: that is, what they are saying beyond what they say.


Due to a cultural factor, men experience a certain fear of expressing their feelings. More specifically, they have a hard time saying “I love you” or “I love you”, but they do so with other words or phrases.

If he tells you some of these things, whether face to face, in a phone conversation or with WhatsApp messages, rest assured that he is in love with you.

1 “I would do anything to see you happy”: If he tells you this, it really is worth it. Obviously, these words must be accompanied by gestures that support them.

2 “I admire you”: a man’s admiration for his partner is a sign of love. This feeling is expressed with the support and accompaniment in the various activities.

3 “I need you”: although this phrase can also mean a certain dependency, in its healthy form it implies that he feels you are essential to reach his maximum expression as a person or as a couple. The man she loves allows herself this “vulnerability” and can say “I need you”.

4 “You make me better”: if a man recognizes this, it is because he really loves the woman he is with.

5 “You are an exceptional woman” or “there is no other like you”, are phrases that express that for him, you are unique and he values ​​you greatly.

6 “You deserve all my respect”: without respect you cannot build a relationship and if he tells you explicitly, it means that he loves you and wants to build something lasting with you.

7 “I was thinking that we could go on vacation next year”: when a man includes you in his future plans and gives as a fact that they will be together in some project, it means that he loves you and that he imagines his future with you. In these cases, the important thing is not the project, but the fact of being together.

8 “I want to be your life partner”: if he expresses this, it is because he loves you.

9 “Take care of my phone, I want to rest for a while”: what greater proof of love can you imagine than this? If he trusts you with his cell phone, it means that he trusts you and he loves you, without a doubt.

10 “I want to consult you, tell me what you think”: when a man asks your opinion about something, it means that he loves you enough to trust you about very important things. If they are long-term things, it implies that he imagines his life with you and that is why he consults you, because the future he imagines is between the two of you.

11 “Tell me what’s wrong, something’s happening to you”: if you feel bad and he notices it, it’s because he loves you and is looking out for you. If he wasn’t like that, he simply wouldn’t realize what you feel or worse yet, he wouldn’t care.

12 “I’m thinking we could do this”: Although it can sometimes be interpreted as an imposition, in its most positive facet it means that he includes you in his plans because he loves you and wants to include you in all his plans.

13 “I have a problem”: Men are reluctant to admit their weaknesses, so if he tells you about them, it means he has strong feelings for you.

14 “I have a surprise for you, I know you will like it”: small details speak of great love. If he cares about giving you something that you like, it is because he cares a lot about you and is aware of you and your preferences.

15 “I accompany you”: you know that he loves you when he wants to be with you, even in those things that he dislikes.

16 “I miss you”: these two simple words say a lot. If they come to you in the middle of the day in a WhatsApp message and for no reason, it’s because he really loves you.

17 “How are you doing with your cold?”: when a man loves a woman he cares about her well-being, even in those things that may seem very small.

18 “You call me anything, no matter the time”: when he makes himself available in this way, it means that he really loves you and wants to be there for you in difficult times. “Being always” is one of the clearest facets of a healthy and lasting relationship.

19 “You are beautiful today… as always”: if he says this to you, it is because he loves you just the way you are, on your good days and on your bad days.

20 “I was reading a book and I remembered you: it could be that I was watching a movie, leafing through a newspaper or working, the truth is that there are always things that remind him of you, simply because he loves you and always has you in mind.

Pay attention to the words he says to you: perhaps he is telling you very important things, even if you don’t realize it.

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