Rational, touchy and stubborn, but very prone to listening, the  sign of Virgo  (August 23 to September 22) is the last of the summer representatives of the zodiac. Endowed with great resolution capacity, as well as excellent resistance, Virgo men  are characterized by love for home and family , but also by a certain rigidity in their values.

Before starting, it is worth emphasizing that it is not only the position of the Sun at birth, therefore the zodiac sign, that determines the characteristics of the sign. Between different Virgos, in fact,  there can be the most varied differences , due to the ascendant and the position of the other stars at the time of birth.

If you want to know how a Virgo man in love behaves , then you have to read all this information, because only then will you be able to know how to get directly into the heart of a Virgo man.

Initially you should know that it will not cost you anything to reach the love of this sign but that you will have to carry out all this so that you have much more success.

I must tell you that the Virgo man is quite a perfectionist , so go psyching yourself up for the things that we have to tell you in this very useful article.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Characteristics of the virgo man
    • 1.1 The Virgo man in love
  • 2 How to conquer a Virgo man, details that make him fall in love:
  • 3 How can you make a Virgo man fall in love
  • 4 How to know if a Virgo man is in love
    • 4.1 Signs that a Virgo man is in love
  • 5 How are Virgo’s relationships with other signs

Characteristics of the virgo man

Virgo is a  zodiac sign of Earth  , of mobile quality and ruled by the planet Mercury. Representing the last part of summer, it is a sign that  is still characterized by great energy , but also by greater privacy, the most typical of autumn.

Determined and very convinced of himself,  he lives pursuing continuous personal improvement , as well as trying to achieve all his personal goals. Often rigid in his convictions, as well as endowed with a proverbial restlessness.

The Virgo man tends to  never shy away from confrontation , even if he is unlikely to accept that he is wrong, respecting the opinions of others. In everyday life, he defines himself as  a silent leader : his leadership is never overwhelming, but he will indirectly try to lead all loved ones towards what he considers right.

Virgo man in love

Virgo  is not a very romantic or passionate sign , but it is still very capable of forging really meaningful relationships, oriented to daily life. Far from being frightened by the various obstacles of existence, a Virgo will do everything possible to  protect his family universe from it, even finding innovative and effective methods to resolve any conflict with his partner.

It is also a very faithful sign  ,  although it can suffer from jealousy, and it rarely forgives betrayals: this is because, as already mentioned, Virgo can be  excessively rigid with its own values .

How to conquer a Virgo man, details that make him fall in love:

Virgo is one of the most  rational  signs of the zodiac, as well as one of the most adept at recognizing the characteristics of others, even after a brief communication.

The typical courtship can never be brazen or vulgar, moreover, it usually extends over time: those born in Virgo, in fact,  do not like “everything and immediately “, but prefer to know their conquest little by little.

In addition, the  conquest phase  will hardly be characterized by lightning passions or sudden nights of erotic fire, but by small clues, which the couple must be able to recognize, collect and make their own.

To  win over a Virgo man , you must first focus on communication. This is the means to break down the wall of mistrust of him, as well as to enter into his introspection. The courtship will spread out over time, and there will probably be several weeks of intimate friendship before the spark of love flies.

The woman who is looking for a Virgo man is serene,  self-confident, elegant, never vulgar  and, above all, oriented both to the profession and to the family. Consequently, a first date could materialize in the cinema or in the presentation of a literary work, without waiting for everything to end in the bedroom. Virgo loves to discover herself little by little until she achieves adequate confidence.

Once a relationship is established, the  Virgo man advances towards the consolidation of the foundations of the couple : given the rational and often introverted spirit, those born in the sign build life brick by brick, always renewing the concrete of the couple to prevent it from collapsing at the first gust of wind.

Very fond of the family, as well as the home, the Virgo  tends to impose inviolable rules on the members of the family  and, from time to time, can be difficult to manage given their reluctance to change their minds. However, in the same way  he is also gifted with great understanding  and, after an initial moment of conflict, will allow his loved ones to live his life as they prefer.

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How can you make a Virgo man fall in love?

Answering this question also includes answering how a Virgo man in love behaves , since this is a man who likes everything to be too perfect, so the first thing you should do is that the moment you are with him be like that too. , perfect.

There are always ways to do things much better, which is why the Virgo man likes details, he likes the woman to take the time to carry out anything but always making sure that everything goes as she has planned and that Of course he likes it.

This can be a bit exhausting for women, since thinking that everything will turn out well when everything is imperfect is hard, but just by thinking things through and doing them, taking the time to do them, believe us that the Virgo man will value it and it is that also knowing how a Virgo man in love behaves in this sense is knowing that you will reach Virgo directly to the heart through what he looks at and observes of what you do for him.

This does not mean that the Virgo man has any problem or is obsessive, but rather that he likes to know that he matters to the other person, and he will measure how important it is by the details that you have for him, so you know how a Virgo man in love behaves .

Taking the time to be able to conquer him and taking the time to be able to surprise him, is how he will know that you care and that you really want to have something serious with him and you are not just playing with his heart.

How to know if a Virgo man is in love

The Virgo man is a reserved man. You won’t see him trying to impress a woman. Nor to proclaim his love for the woman he is in love with. But that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to flirt.

It’s just that his flirting is so subtle and sweet that you don’t notice. You may feel like he treats you like all other women when you’re attracted to him. Unless you know this zodiac sign well.

Signs that a Virgo man is in love

  • You meet him often, by chance .

The Virgo man likes to spend as much time as possible with the woman he likes and wants to flirt with. He is not the type of man to harass a woman. He is too subtle for that! But  he will show up in places where he knows you are.  He will ask you questions about where you usually go out or what your routines are and he will meet you “by chance”. Does he always seem to have an excuse to be with you? It can be a sign that the Virgo man is attracted to you.

  • Share with you things about yourself

Virgo men rarely open up to people unless you’re the woman he’s interested in. In that case, he will tell you everything about his life before he met you, he will share his feelings with you. If he trusts you and opens up to you , it is a clear sign that a Virgo man could be in love with you.

  • He’ll get out of his comfort zone for you.

The Virgo zodiac sign is a creature of habit and routine. You can move heaven and earth, they won’t do what they don’t feel comfortable doing. Now, if you are the woman he is in love with, he  will do things that do not necessarily attract or appeal to him.  If she only does this for you, it is because she considers you a special woman!

  • He calls you and sends you text messages.

The Virgo man is not known for his ability to keep in touch with people. He seldom sends whatsapp messages and calls less frequently. 

But a  Virgo man in love  behaves differently: he has no problem calling twice a day. Just to hear your voice. Answer all your whatsapp messages. Without making you wait. And he always has time to talk when you call him. It may not mean much to you, but you have no idea how important it is to him. 

How are Virgo’s relationships with other signs?

As a general rule, Virgo forms meaningful relationships with  other earth signs , particularly  Taurus  , as they share the same penchant for stability and home. Interesting experiments also with  Water  , especially with the opposite Pisces: in fact, a good balance could be created between two extremes. Relations with  Fire  and  Air are  much more complicated: Aries and Leo, for example, could suffer from Virgo’s excessive restlessness, as well as not understanding the lack of orientation towards adventure. Gemini and Aquarius, on the other hand, may not like their excessive practicality, being signs typically oriented towards creative and abstract thinking.

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