In case you are not aware, we inform you that the series of the famous singer, Luis Miguel, has already been released and is suitable for all audiences. It is a very well done series and deals with the life and secrets of Luis Miguel. Many people were surprised to see everything that has happened in the life of this man without anyone knowing anything. One of the most interesting topics in this series is the women who have been part of Luis Miguel’s life. Thanks to these women who have changed his life in a certain way and their impressive ability to compose music, everyone has the privilege of listening to the songs of our beloved singer.

What caught the attention of many people is that absolutely not all the women who were part of his life are mentioned in the series, so here I leave you the complete list. 1.Adela Noriega (1984)

In this year, Adela was the actress of the moment, participating in several soap operas, becoming a youth star. She was chosen as the model for the Word of Honor video and that is why it is said that she had a certain relationship with Luis Miguel.

2.Mariana Yazbek (1987)

It is said that she was the first love of the incredible singer. They had a relationship for only six months. Unfortunately, she could not withstand the pressure from the media and ended the relationship. Mariana was Luis Miguel’s motivation for him to play Guilty or not.

3.Stephanie Salas (1988)

According to the media, Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas were never formally together. Yes, they were very good friends, but Michelle Salas unexpectedly came, a beautiful girl who changed Luis Miguel’s life, making him a father when he was only 18 years old. It took a long time for him to accept her daughter because he wasn’t sure she belonged to him, but today they have a very good relationship.

4. Lucia Mendez (1989)

Luis Miguel lied to Lucia saying that he was 20 years old, when he was really a minor, therefore we can already imagine that this relationship was quite brief. She, being 15 years older than the singer, decided to get away from her, because it was a bad name for her and the media would never stop. Luis Miguel dedicated the song “Po favor senora” to Lucia.

5.Gabriela Sabatini (1992)

The ex-tennis player confirmed that she and Luis Miguel did have a relationship, but this was never verified by anyone and they never talked about anything in detail either.

6. Isabella Camil (1989-1994)

These two have already known each other since they were little, and love will emerge in adolescence. This relationship was quite long, since it lasted 7 years and probably Luis Miguel’s most stable relationship. But it all ended because Luis Miguel couldn’t get away from her music and she wanted more attention from her.

7.Sofia Vergara (1995)

This romance was very short and for something quite stupid. As always, the famous are rotten of the media and do not want to know anything about the paparazzi. However, when these two organized a secret trip, Sofia couldn’t find anything better than calling the paparazzi and ruining the moment.

8.Daisy Fuentes (mid 90s)

Daisy was a famous television interviewer and out of nowhere came the day to interview Luis Miguel. Everyone says it was love at first sight or a very intense attraction between the two as soon as they saw each other. This relationship also lasted a long time, since they celebrated for 5 years but unfortunately everything ended. And no one knows why.

9. Alicia Spotted (1996)

If you didn’t know, Alicia is a former Miss Universe!! And she was also part of Luis Miguel’s life. There is a rumor that she is the reason why Daisy Fuentes and Luis Miguel broke up.

Salma Hayek (1997)

She was just getting to know Hollywood and she was doing pretty well. That’s where he met the singer. They formed a beautiful couple and attended the Oscars together in 1997. But, Salma wanted to focus on her future as an actress and left love behind.

11.Mariah Carey (1999-2001)

This relationship lasted 3 years. It was a very intense rupture of this relationship, since Mariah could not stand it and became depressed and she had to enter a clinic. 12.Myrka Dellanos (2003-2005)

Myrka, unlike Salma Hayek, was more interested in love than in work, since she was madly in love with the singer Luis Miguel. She was willing to leave everything for the singer, but everything ended when Myrna’s daughter committed an indiscretion.

13. Aracely Arambula (2005-2010)

It is said that she has been the only woman who managed to really make the singer fall in love. They met in 2005 and stayed together until 2010. They had two sons, named Miguel and Daniel. When they finished they had several problems, since Aracely wanted full custody of her children because she thought that Luis Miguel was not a responsible father, but in the end everything was solved and she accepted that her children were also with her father. she.

14.Genoveva Casanova (2009)

She always denied anything that indicated that she had a relationship with Luis Miguel, but in the end the paparazzi managed to take photos of the two together in Italy and Spain.

15.Luz Elena Gonzalez (2009)

It was a pretty short romance. She says that she really liked celebrating with the singer, since she had very nice memories of her, but nobody knows why the couple ended.

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