Tell her how you feel about her. Ask her out on an official date. Wear the cologne you know she loves. Make the effort instead of assuming that she’ll like her more if you chase her around for a while.

Don’t make her wonder how you feel about her. Don’t make her wonder if she can trust you, if it’s worth the risk, if you’ll break her heart in the end. Make it clear that you would never hurt her. She stops playing the mystery, because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do, to keep her interested in you. Stop casually asking her if she’s available over the weekend to ‘hang out’. Stop making it sound like you don’t care if you see her or have to go another week without her. Stop keeping yourself in that game, for fear of rejection. Say what you mean. If you think she looks good that day, say so. If you think she’s funny, say so. If you want to go out with her, say so. Don’t keep your opinions bottled up inside of you. Give compliments. Tell the truth that life is much shorter than you imagine.

Tell him, you look beautiful!

If one could list three things women cannot “live” without, they would probably be: good food, a wardrobe to die for, and warm compliments. So, don’t be stingy when it comes to wooing her with a shower of compliments. The more you give, the more likely you are to get back. Say everything she’s been dying to hear, whether it’s about her looks, her outfit, her figure, her professionalism at work, or her cooking skills. Anudita Mishra, 34, a housewife says: “I love being showered with compliments, as I think most women do. It gives my ego a boost when my husband says, ‘This dress looks good on you,’ or something like, ‘You look prettier than any of these women I know, or says, “I wonder how you look so sexy? even in your 30s! “It just makes me feel good about myself.” According to Dr. Sushma Dayal, a clinical psychologist, says: “Each of us likes to receive praise, as it improves our self-image. It helps us get rid of our inhibitions, acts as a motivation and helps us improve our personality. ”

If you love her, you have to let her know, because she has no idea what your mixed signals mean. She’s not sure if you’re really interested in her or if you’re just flirting for fun. She doesn’t want to guess wrong and break her heart. Even if you think you’re being obvious, chances are she has no idea what’s going through your mind, she has no idea what you want from her.

Also, cheer up and tell him, will you spend your life with me?’

Most women tend to be ultra sensitive and in saying this, you should play music to the chords of her heart. You will also tell her that you are not playing with her, but that you want to spend your whole life with her. Tell her how incomplete your life would be without her and that she has now become an indispensable part of her existence. Don’t be surprised if you find her smiling for days! Answer her questions not asked of her. Tell her she looks pretty. Tell her that you have fun talking to her. Tell her that you want her to become your official girlfriend. Do not leave your feelings unexpressed. Don’t let any confusion exist, because if she thinks you’re only halfway interested, then she’ll assume you’re not good enough for her. She wants someone who is 100% ready to commit to her. Someone who would never screw her up.

That’s why you have to be brave. Look into her eyes and tell her how you feel. She will appreciate your honesty. It will be a refreshing break from all the guys in her past who played hard to get her and refused to open up about her feelings. She doesn’t want another relationship like that. She wants to know where you stand from the start, so she stops making innuendos that she’ll never pick up. Stop thinking that ignoring her makes you look cool or more desirable. She just makes you look like an idiot.

Be the man who tells the truth, even when it might end in embarrassment. The type who isn’t afraid to express his deepest feelings, because he’d rather be honest than a liar. The type that she knows he can trust because you were transparent with her the whole time.

If you love her, make sure she knows it, because she might feel the same way.

Spend time with her. It’s pretty obvious that you like her if you’re hanging out and hanging out with her, especially if your time is very important to you.

The more you seem to enjoy her company and being around her, the more you tell her you like her.

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