If you are having a hard time interpreting some phrases or signals that your boy repeats to you very often, I invite you to read the following explanations. You will be very surprised by the answers. In the same way as us, men who are in love have a wide variety of gestures, looks, postures and phrases that can reveal their feelings.

In general, they try to maintain a somewhat cold posture, trying to hide everything they feel for you, even so, with thousands of these distractors, they cannot hide that they are in love. Love springs from their elbows and sometimes they don’t even know how far they have been able to go, just paying attention to their emotions.

Do not think that it is a strategy of conquest. Since the masculine nature is simpler than the feminine, it is easier for us to interpret those gestures of total surrender. It is possible that you have had many occasions in which, you could realize that the boy you are with right now, you like him too much and he has unconsciously shown you that he is totally hooked on you. It is possible that he has done this, instantly with a look, some other romantic detail or that unexpected “I love you” that raised your palpitations through the sky, and in this way you have been able to notice on his face the pleasure and tranquility that comes from telling you. on certain occasions.

When a man feels a sincere and pure love towards you, it is very difficult for women not to notice it. Feminine intuition is a gift we have, which allows us to see what the person we love really feels and when they are telling the truth.

But it could also happen that these signs of love are not so clear or lend themselves to misinterpretation. They can confuse us perhaps and we cannot understand the reason for their actions. However, that does not mean that this emotional madness that he feels for you is not true. Here I share some of the most common phrases that they themselves use, without realizing it. If your boyfriend is telling you this repeatedly, there is no doubt that he is fighting like crazy not to love you as much as he already does.

1. I need to see you, but I don’t know if I should:

If you have already heard this phrase, it is more than certain that he has a great need to be with you all the time. Although it may seem quite the opposite, you must understand that the only thing he wants to tell you with this “but I don’t know if I should”, is: that he is fighting with himself to be strong and not let go of all his feelings at once. time. It is important for you to understand that he is only trying to tell you is to contain the strong feelings he has for you.

2. Don’t go if you don’t want to:

This is the most classic of the phrases that a man who is deeply in love can use. What he really wants to tell you is: “I would like you to stay longer, but if you don’t agree, I can’t force you”, because in reality he wants with all his might that you decide to spend more time with him. And this is repeated every time you are about to leave.

3. I feel very strange without you:

If he tells you this, it is more than obvious that his heart is crying out for you, wanting to say loudly I miss you all the time! I need you to be by my side! In general, they try to avoid or share that need they have for your company, for fear of not being reciprocated with the same intensity. As much as he tries to contain himself, the fact that he feels strange without your presence is an absolutely positive sign that his love is much greater.

4. Take good care of yourself:

Most of the people who appreciate you use this phrase, so it would not be unusual for the phrase to sound common to you and without much importance. But if it is the man you love who says it, you must be sure that it is for much more than appreciation. Behind these simple words, this man in love hides this: I really care about you! I do not want anything to happen to you!

Pay close attention to this simple, but significant phrase that, surely, your boy says to you every day and that transmits more love than you could imagine.

5. Have a beautiful day:

Since he doesn’t want to show himself completely, so in love, and that’s why he can’t tell you that he really loves you very much, he doesn’t find a better idea to hide his feelings behind a few brief words of encouragement and good wishes.

6. I remembered you and decided to call you:

If you are very present in his thinking, feeling or acting, it is very likely that he will say this phrase to you very often.

7. Let me help you:

The greatest proof of love is that he is interested in your activities and offers to help you with whatever you need. The most genuine and sincere way to show love is when you are willing to serve or help, without seeking any benefit for yourself.

Remember that you must value these small gestures, since they contain, without a doubt, the most valuable treasure of that man who makes you so happy: which is his love for you.

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